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Gadolinium in Humans Revisited: Emphasis on Gadolinium Deposition Disease - Part 1

In this second perspective I write for my web-site, I will revisit the subject that I have achieved recent notoriety on. Notoriety traditionally has meant fame and recognition, but more recently its use focuses on the tinging with scandal. I am using this second definition, but not because of me and this subject, but because of the perception of stakeholders nervous of this subject. There is nothing to be nervous of, and I will explain why below. In my previous version of this work published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, I separated the discussion into 4 types: 1) acute hypersensitivity reactions, 2) gadolinium depositing in the body that is apparently asymptomatic: gadoli

4 Chief Components of Health Care Reform

There are 4 chief components to health care: health care payment, health care charges, health care quality and safety, and patient issues (compliance, self-initiative, and medicolegal action). When the term health care reform is used in the lay press what is really being talked about is health care payment. What worries doctors the most in health care is the patient issue of medicolegal action. The reality though is that to truly achieve health care reform in toto requires that all components be addressed in lock-step with each-other. Attempting to address one (or even 3 of 4) will not accomplish the desired goal of comprehensive improvement in health care. I will address each of these topic

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