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Let them see you sweat... Skin Gd elimination program

A sufferer pointed out to me that if one obvious way to remove Gd more naturally is by sweating (I usually recommend saunas for that) - would it not be even better to sweat for longer periods of time? He suggested going to warm climates and sweating through the day. He is right. Of course it may not be financially realistic for most individuals, especially with GDD, to go to warm climates for extended periods of time. However - summer is coming up. Most individuals in modern societies want to avoid sweating by air conditioning, and sometimes excess air conditioning. I am recommending no air conditioning (or little) - good for the environment, and a small step to lessen global warming, decre

Chelation treatment alone in some GDD subjects will make them worse: Host response must be concurren

With experience with chelation and familiarity with patient status from around the world, chelation alone in many individuals may not be enough. In fact in some it seems to make them worse, although at present it is not clear if the worsening is limited to 1 year or so, or whether it is permanent. In multiple blogs I have written about FRAME (which is an extended hypersensitivity protocol) and AMASE (which is concurrent treatment with autoimmune drugs), and maybe what I have not emphasized enough is: Chelation treatment alone may make some GDD sufferers worse. Which patient groups are most at risk of getting worse after chelation? 1. patients with GDD within 1 year of disease development. 2.

How To Take Control Of Your Goal To Live Healthier

Making a goal is easy; it’s achieving it that becomes difficult, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle or have had setbacks that are out of your control. The first thing to remember is that it’s okay to go easy on yourself when this happens; sometimes life just gets in the way. The second thing to remember is that when you’ve found you can’t keep up with a promise to yourself, it’s important to find a new way around it. This is especially true if the goal involves getting healthier and making some lifestyle changes in your diet and exercise routine because no one can make those changes but you. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to go about it; all it takes is a little planning and poss

Health Care Reform: introducing the term US MEDcare

Universal health care is the standard for all developed nations. It seems therefore absurd to think that the wealthiest country, the USA, cannot afford it. How can everyone else then? 1. the discussion is awkward using terms like universal health care and medicare for all (Canada uses the term medicare for their universal health care system). The terms seem somehow frightening, socialist, which in the US is almost the Bacio della Morte for anything. This may be the best term: US MEDcare. 2. the system that would work in the USA is essentially the system used in most developed countries: combining universal government paid health care (US MEDcare) with private insurance. 3. use the Australian

Salad (1:3) Fad Diets

Fad diets for the most part must be an incredibly lucrative business for some people. To be successful many of them have a catchy name and a catchy idea > both of which may be crazy when one thinks deeply into them. Ofcourse you could say what about 'Salad' - well I do like catchy names, I come by that honestly it comes from MRI sequence design. Many current diets do make an enormous amount of sense, my take on them is to combine elements from diets that make sense: I like the Mediterranean diet, the South Beach Diet, and the Japanese diet. I must confess I find high protein diets crazy, and I especially find humor in the Paleo diet. The concept being that this is what humans ate 50,000 year

Salad (vol1:issue2): Background

For at least 50 years, the conce pt of how to be healthy has been recognized: exercise and eat less. Perhaps more recently, 30 years ago, the concept of eating healthy foods has been added in, and more and more over the last 30 years the concept of minimizing doing unhealthy things (smoking, more recently the opiate addiction). Is there anything more that is unique that I or anyone else can add to that. Probably not, but many things are worth emphasizing, and perhaps with some newer themes. One newer theme I want to emphasize is to be more relaxed about approaches/strategies, because being zealous about following certain paths likely does more harm than good. To me perhaps the classic more-h

The Odd Fellow Collection of Modern Diseases: Fibromyalgia, Dercum's Disease, Multiple Chemical

One has to wonder: new diseases... lots of new pollutants in the environment, or given to us, are these diseases all man-made or even iatrogenic (caused by health care)? Are they related? Are some of them the same thing? I think all these odd fellow modern diseases reflect a similar phenomenon: the host immune system being unable to deal with contamination by modern man-made products. The immune system of humans is naive to complex modern chemicals and exposure to heavy metals. Remarkably the immune systems of most humans adapt to these by simply not eliciting much of a response. Others, the sufferers of these conditions, react to varying levels of intensity, to the point of complete self-

Gadolinium Storage Condition: should anything be done for these people?

Gadolinium Storage Condition (GSC) is the term that I use to describe patients who have received a prior GBCA injection and are not sick from it. Essentially everyone who has received a GBCA has some Gd retained in their body, with the bone and skin being the sites with the most Gd retained. So if you received 1 GBCA or 100, there will be some Gd left in your body. Meaningful amount of Gd retained may require atleast 2 administrations of GBCA. So if my present estimate is there is 10,000 - 100,000 individuals with GDD, one could consider the total number of individuals who have received GBCA and are not sick from it represents 300 million people - 100,000 (the GDD group) individuals. With me

Herman Boerhaave, the pioneer of medical observation

Herman Boerhaave (1668-1738) is known today by physicians as the individual associated with Boerhaave's Syndrome. Arguably a process that seems beneath the dignity of such an important physician - a tear in the lower esophageal mucosa secondary to emesis (vomiting) which is usually due to over-drinking. Herman Boerhaave was a botanist, in addition to being a physician (and other positions). He is recognized as a pioneer in medical teaching, modern hospital ward design, quantifying items, and critical to this blog, associating symptoms with disease. I have to think on Herman Boerhaave, when I think that there at least 5,000 individuals who are on-line, who believe they have Gadolinium Deposit

Semelka Autoimmune Lifestyle and Diet

GDD is closely related to autoimmune disease. This is shown by the release of the same cytokines by Gadolinium exposure as is observed in autoimmune disease, and neither of these entities are infection or cancer. This also explains why a number of sufferers who just undergo chelation do not experience signifiant cure, despite having undergone many chelations (>50+). The host response, the autoimmune-type disease, also needs to be treated. That is why we have developed AMASE (Autoimmune Medication And Supplement Envelope). The medications alone though need to be combined with an entire program of therapy. Because it creates a nice acronym we call it the Semelka Autoimmune Lifestyle And Diet (

Heavy Metal Toxicity, Subcategory Multiple Heavy Metals

This is a topic that I have touched on in multiple blogs. I have observed in many sufferers of GDD that in addition to Gd, many (perhaps 50%) have multiple heavy metals in their body. Lead is a metal commonly found, but a full range of unusual metals are also observed. How do these heavy metals counteract with each-other. At this point it is unknown, however it is reasonable to assume that they have at least additive toxic effects. What to do? It turns out, as I have written in multiple blogs, that DTPA is the best chelator for all (or atleast the great majority) of heavy metals, including lead. In this area I do rely completely based on lab/ in vitro data. DTPA has the highest stability con

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