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Treatment for skin lesions in GDD

Likely everyone who has received GBCA have skin retention of Gd, and it likely becomes readily found by ICP MS when anyone has received multiple GBCAs (> 3) whether they have GDD (sick) or GSC (not sick). However the presence of new skin lesions, when you did not have them previously, is different. it would be interesting/maybe important to get a skin biopsy of skin lesions. I have been planning to research more into skin treatment for sufferers. Gentle cleaning is important. Right now I like the combination of using something gentle like oatmeal based soap (or cetaphil or similar), and maybe filling a sink half full and adding in a table spoon of salt and two table spoons of baking soda/sod

Gadolinium Deposition Disease: Theories on Mechanisms of Disease

There is considerable interest on many fronts of what are the mechanisms of disease for GDD. There is a perception that exact knowledge of this is critical to have the disease accepted as a real entity. As prologue to this subject, it has to be understood by the reader, that exact knowledge of mechanisms of disease and mechanisms of drug action is incomplete for essentially all diseases and all drugs, and many such as psychiatric diseases and drugs have only recently been moderately understood. There are still to this day some extremely common drugs, most notable acetaminophen, where the mechanisms of antipyresis (fever control) and pain-killing effects remain unknown, despite decades of us

Gadolinium Deposition Disease meets requirement for causation using Bradford Hill criteria

The problem with the recent court decision is that the experts relied on NSF to make the case for GDD. GDD is really a combination of acute hypersensitivity reaction and NSF: an acute hypersensitivity reaction (AHR) with recruitment of chronic immune cells. The relationship between GDD and AHR should really have been stressed. Here is my explanation: Strength of Association. This overlaps with following criteria. At the present time, I require that new symptoms must arise within 4 weeks of the GBCA injection. Using this factor alone there is a strong association. The types of symptoms also critical and will be described below. Temporality. This emphasizes the point above: if symptoms that ar

Gadolinium Deposition Disease is a Medical Disease and not a Litigation Disease

As many sufferers are now aware, a Federal judge has decided that based on the available literature and the presentations by 4 experts representing plaintiffs, there was insufficient evidence to determine that GBCAs caused the symptoms patients experience. It is always easy to armchair quarterback events, so I don't intend to do that. It is noteworthy, including by me, that I was not one of the experts asked to present, and many of the presenters focused on NSF, which may not be compelling when describing GDD. The fact that I was not one of the presenters should serve to show that my interest in this disease is not in litigation, but in understanding the disease, preventing the disease, and

Concerned about Gd in your bones?

If you have undergone at least one GBCA injection, and have experienced persistent symptoms in response, it is possible that you have Gd in your bones and will have either GDD or GSC. If you have recieved several GBCA injections, you will have a fair amount of Gd in bones. I personally have received 12 or so GBCA injections, so I likely have Gd in my bones. One doesn't need K-XRF to know that. Gd in bones is not the issue (because it is there). The issue is if you have GDD (no matter how much Gd you have retained). If the GDD is very debilitating, you may need to pursue treatment. Richard Semelka MD Consulting Stay tuned on the latest advancements: Like my page on Facebook and Subscribe to

Can you donate blood with GDD?

This question was posed by a sufferer who read the blog on breast-feeding: Is it safe to donate blood? I recently contacted my blood bank and was told there is no problem if I'm feeling alright. I don't want to cause harm to anyone. My answer is: if you are very sick from GDD, probably I would not donate blood - just like being very sick from anything else. You probably deliver a load of cytokines, which may not necessarily be harmful.... but may also be. There are ofcourse other charitable acts you can do for individuals in distress. But I would like to say that simply asking this question reveals the very generous and kind nature of the questioner. Richard Semelka, MD Richard Semelka MD Co

Breastfeeding and GDD

Breast-feeding is an interesting question in relation to the mother having had a GBCA injection, with strengths on both sides, risks on both sides, but no certainty. Gd in breast milk has been written about in the literature, but in a time period earlier than the recognition of GDD. Essentially the earlier literature showed that very little Gd comes out in breast milk, and Gd is poorly absorbable in the GI tract. So the consideration changes if the mother has GDD (sick from Gd) or GSC (not sick from Gd). The thinking with a mother with GDD, the neonate has the genetic propensity for the disease as well, so more thought has to be given in that setting. Here is my thinking: The farther away fr

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