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Experimental research and observational research

Experimental research is critical for our understanding of the science. This involves test tube (in vitro), animal, and isolated human cell research. All of which may provide insight into what occurs in humans (usually focused on humans with a disease). This type of research may or may not be translatable into patient care. Observational research is what I focus on, essentially gathering findings written in experimental studies, employ that which makes clinical sense to try, and translate it into patient care, to observe what works using lab and clinical measures, what doesn't, and why. From observation then to devise practical human-based research that will effect patient care immediately,

Drooping tissue atrophy following chelation therapy

I have heard from a few female patients that they have experienced either drooping/sagging facial tissue and/or atrophy of tissue (such as in the hands) . Some times this has been a continuation of ongoing process from GDD and others apparently just after chelation, also when otherwise the chelation seems to be improving their overfall condition. I have spent some time thinking about these phenomena, and now I am ready to explain my theory on this. There are likely 2 essential components: 1. Gd has inserted itself into the architecture of various tissues, maybe all tissues but certainly skin and bone, where the highest amounts of Gd are deposited. Even though it is a faulty architecture with

GDD: don't blame yourself

A common wistful observation I have heard from many GDD sufferers: "why did I accept getting a GBCA injection, when I was concerned and thought I didn't want it". Self-blame is common for many tragic occurrences, however it doesn't help anything, so you have to let that go. If you have the disease you have enough worries, that you don't need any additional to clog the mental system. Beyond that, unlike other tragedies, such as texting and driving or drinking and driving and terrible accidents, this actually you had little control over. In fact in essentially all cases individuals were told by MR technologists or even by radiologists: "don't worry, everything will be fine, the only people who

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