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When is Chelation Therapy a problem?

It is likely that many readers/GDD sufferers believe that my answer to GDD is always chelation... and yet there are a number of individuals who post on FaceBook and elsewhere that chelation has ruined their lives (perhaps after GDD ruined their life, chelation continued that). Chelation therapy is actually nuanced and has to be performed with wisdom-sense. I will not write on this in detail, because I have a major research work ongoing on this subject, and I cannot conflict with originality of research (essential to get a major paper published in a major journal). Most of the problem with chelation is that it is not done well, it is not that there is a problem with chelation. Here are the go

Variations in urine Gd content

I have addressed variations in urine Gd content in an earlier blog. This is an expansion. I think that there may be daily variations on Gd elimination (termed diurnal), and co-existent additional cycles that are much longer, are also occurring. I had previously mentioned, over the menstrual cycle this is likely occurring. Not previously mentioned is seasonal. Symptoms may be worse in the fall and winter, because there is less native sweating, and also less general activity. Less salutary effects of vit D from sun exposure, as well. Periods of hormone change: puberty, menopause, also very important stimulating effects. The main reason I like 24 hr urine Gd collection for determining Gd pres

Attention Fibromyalgia patients

A number of patients who contact me who have had prior GBCA administration, carry a diagnosis of fibromyalgia that someone gave to them before. Almost certainly none of them have fibromyalgia, they all simply have GDD. If you have fibromyalgia, and had previously received GBCA injection, then you should be investigated for GDD. GDD can be treated, fibromyalgia just managed. The only way to get investigated for GDD if you have fibromyalgia (or other odd diagnoses) that someone somewhere gave you, and yet the symptoms (as you think back now) arose shortly after a GBCA injection is to get: provocative Ca-DTPA chelation. Note not any other chelator, as the currently available ones are not strong

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