May 24, 2019

This question was poised to me by a patient who was worried about getting a GBCA-enhanced MRI to evaluate a liver lesion seen on ultrasound.

This is a circumstance that patients are left to make their own risk-benefit analysis.

The first thing to realize is that you don'...

May 22, 2019

I have proposed a new informed consent for GBCA, as the first step of increased awareness of the disease GDD. A number of sufferers have felt that I have not gone far enough. I fully understand that sentiment, however in my position as a senior member of the Radiology...

May 21, 2019

Gadolinium Deposition Disease

An expansion of described symptoms for GDD. Symptoms are categorized as "A Symptoms" which are symptoms distinctive for GDD (also other heavy metal toxicities), and "B Symptoms" which are symptoms that are commonly observed but may also be...

May 14, 2019

A number of patients have described to me that they have developed a number of new skin or bone tumors that have appeared since GDD developed. I had to think about this for some time, and hear a number of reports before considering that there is likely a causal relatio...

May 10, 2019

There are a number of individuals who have spoken to me about GDD developing in circumstances where small volume GBCA administration has occurred. Examples are GBCA-injected MR arthrography (administering GBCA into a joint space to look for cartilage injury or joint ca...

This post looks at the subject of why patients react to GBCA either right away or after multiple GBCA administrations; and this is in response to this question submitted to me on Facebook:

Can you help us to understand why some people get sick immediately after one MRI...

Intraday and day to day variation in symptoms and severity of GDD is common. Disease often has diurnal variation (varying of severity of the symptoms over the course of the day) is very common. Actually diurnal variation may be most common. It turns out that perhaps vi...

A Flare reaction refers to worsening of symptoms, usually more intense of existing symptoms, but can also be, new symptoms, that are not due to administration of more GBCA, but focus on the rechelation of Gd with chelators. The proposed mechanism is that the host react...

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