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Clustered Chelation Sessions/Pauses/Concurrent Immune System Treatment: The Future Direction

DTPA is a fairly pure chelator of heavy metals, with very good stability constant for most of these, including/especially Gd. So on its own I do not think that DTPA is introduces extra effects, in the case you describe adverse effects, such as increasing head pressure sensation or increasing BP. Other chelators that have lower stability constant (all other currently available) will have additional effects from redepositing Gd into other locations, such as the brain or myocardium.

So how to explain new symptoms/some increased symptoms with DTPA, if all that it is doing is removing Gd?

A minute fraction may be due to redistribution. The major problem is likely the host immune reaction with release of cytokines and probably other inflammatory products. I believe these are the major offenders. That is why I have targeted the importance of dampening cytokine (and other inflammatory products) release, with the basket of agents that we term collectively AMASE. This is a work in progress.

Then there are the additional factors, that are wild cards: many individuals are on a wide range of medical-provider or self-administered supplements and drugs, so this creates a broad cauldron of all sorts of biochemical/biological effects going on.

Other effects that are ongoing is the effects of other concurrent heavy metals, and their chelation, and all of them interacting with each other and gadolinium.

So, I am not sure what other treatments may be doing (also keeping in mind both Placebo and the salubrious effects of the tincture of time and self-healing). Mannitol is effective in circumstances of clear increased intracranial pressure, to reduce intracerebral pressure, but is the pressure feeling true increased intracerebral pressure? At present, there is no scientific evidence of this and I am doubtful. I think it is a cytokine effect. Similarly, it would be important to see if simply replacing some electrolytes would be helpful, such as Mg, but it would be most convincing if blood work shows a very low Mg level. That being said, supplementing with Mg does make sense as Mg is being removed by chelation. Mg is added in many alkaline waters, which makes drinking alkaline water then helpful on many fronts.

But it seems that once an individual has received a considerable number of chelations and not doing much better (> 20 is a reasonable number) informs me that the ongoing problem is the need to treat the created auto-immune-type disease.

With le Chatelier's principle also in mind (the re-establishment of an equilibrium in the body after the most accessible Gd has been removed by chelation), the strategies I am currently looking into involve stretches of chelation with intervening pauses, and concurrent immune system treatment. I suspect chelation should be performed as clusters of treatment, pausing for re-equilibration, and progressively fewer number of chelations in each cluster, following each pause. At the same time administration of immune system treatment also alternating stretches of treatment with periods of pausing, to see if enough is enough has been achieved. The concept being that with the help of relatively mild, broad coverage autoimmune drugs, eventually the immune system will learn to ignore whatever Gd is left in the body and to also stop the relentless self-destructive pattern of cytokine release even in the absence of Gd.

Do I think I have the final answers and solutions, absolutely not. I do however believe that we are the pathway for optimal treatment, and what we are doing will benefit greatly the majority of patients - unfortunately and realistically probably not all.

Clusters of chelation/ pauses/ concurrent autoimmune treatment also pulsed.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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