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Let them see you sweat... Skin Gd elimination program

A sufferer pointed out to me that if one obvious way to remove Gd more naturally is by sweating (I usually recommend saunas for that) - would it not be even better to sweat for longer periods of time? He suggested going to warm climates and sweating through the day.

He is right. Of course it may not be financially realistic for most individuals, especially with GDD, to go to warm climates for extended periods of time. However - summer is coming up.

Most individuals in modern societies want to avoid sweating by air conditioning, and sometimes excess air conditioning. I am recommending no air conditioning (or little) - good for the environment, and a small step to lessen global warming, decreases life costs, and most importantly - facilitates removal of Gd through sweat.

Taking this concept one step further - maybe salt water beaches (oceans/seas) may even add more benefit. Sun shine is excellent for vitamin D production, which is good for just about everything, likely GDD as well. There may also be some cation exchange between sodium in salt water and gadolinium in skin (some sort of osmosis effect). This is purely hypothetical on my part, but it is cheap, not harmful and may be helpful (the trilogy of treatments I recommend for GDD that are not scientifically proven).

There is the problem then of body odor with this approach. Also probably aluminum antiperspirant is not ideal (metal issue in GDD), so non-aluminum more natural antiperspirant is preferred. The other issue is that arm-pit (axillary) sweat glands are apocrine, which likely are able to eliminate much more undesirable body products (read: Gd) than essentially the great majority of sweat glands in other regions (over the torso for example) which are eccrine. Apocrine sweat glands release sweat through decapitation whereas the others through more simple direct passage. Best of all is frequent washing of arm-pits, with a nice-scented soap, and perhaps containing, or an additional, charcoal-containing soap product. The frequent arm-pit washing may also help Gd elimination.

One variation though from standard sun-bathing is, I am not sure what effect sun screen has on the entire Gd elimination or Gd-Na exchange. It may be the strategy one uses is no sun screen, but alternating only 15 minutes of direct sun exposure with 1.5 hours of shade (for example under an umbrella at the beach). The blockage of pores by sun screen probably would interfere with skin elimination of Gd. The one type of product that may not be bad is a pure dilute Zn sun screen, as Zn in general is good for skin, and possibly for GDD.

Another thought proposed by a patient that could be added to a skin elimination program is to take baths with charcoal based bath salts, with the charcoal as a detoxicant and possible skin natural chelator. This also fits with the trilogy of use in GDD.

So: sweat, sun-shine, decrease air conditioning, arm-pit washing, salt water bathing, drinking alkaline water, charcoal bath salts.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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