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Stages of Treatment for GDD

This is a modernization and stream-lining of the stages of treatment for GDD:

Stage 0. Healthy GDD diet. Mild exercise with emphasis on preserving range of motion. Elements previously described (and a more full list) and constantly added to: alkaline water (entertaining concept of hydrogenated water), food items like turmeric, cilantro, chlorella, peaches (natural anti-inflammatory and/or chelators), sun-shine, salt water.

All patients at all times. Stage 0 alone for individuals from 0-3 months following inception of GDD. Many suffers may resolve with this alone. Never get another GBCA injection again.

Stage 1. Chelating with strong chelator (currently only DTPA falls into this description) and concurrent Extended Hypersensitivity Protocol. 3 months onwards. Generally stage 1 alone for atleast 5 chelation sessions (this may be all that is needed), then slowly feeding in aspects of Stage 2.

Stage 2. Treatment for Immune system dysregulation with low potency immune system modifying drugs. Start with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). Our other elements are currently proprietary (but will release soon).

Stage 3. Treatment for Immune system dysregulation with high potency drugs, that dramatically effect the immune system. Currently I do not recommend this until atleast 20 full chelations have been performed, and the patient still highly symptomatic. Anticytokine drugs (possibly cytotoxic drugs). Work in progress.

Stage 4. Achieve 80% recovery, then remove stage 1-3 outside medical interventions, and allow the individual to heal the rest of the way on their own (may take 2 years) and still always taking Stage 0 health and wellness approaches. Stage 1 to 3 can always be re-activated if the trial of Stage 4 fails.

Philosophy to treatment: there is a very delicate balance between promoters and suppressors in the immune system, and other body systems (eg: neural) so the goal is to aim for 80% improvement, with the individual's own body system recovering the rest of the way. Treatment is to help the body get on the right path of immune balance and recovery. Too much treatment may end up with overshooting the immune system balance and progressively getting worse.

The host immune and other cell systems have remarkable ability to heal themselves- they just need the correct assistance. I think of GDD as a situation analogous to: the leg (femur) has been broken, there is dirt in the wound, bones are sticking out... the fracture cannot heal on its own in this setting. Treatment for GDD should be like: cleaning the dirt and nonviable soft tissue and bone fragments out of the wound (stage 1); aligning the bones in near anatomical position (stage 2); pinning the bones if needed (stage 3); and allowing months for the bones to heal themselves (stage 4); and maintaining health, mobility elsewhere in the body, and when appropriate affected leg movement (stage 0).

Richard Semelka MD Consulting Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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