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Gadolinium Deposition Disease (GDD). Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions; Fibromyalgia. All have the same features. How often are they all the same thing: GDD, or T Cell Dysregulation Disease?

Looking at the most recent expanded list of clinical features of GDD and Covid Vaccine injuries... they essentially read identically: brain fog, imbalance, vision loss, hearing loss, cardiac arrythmias, digestive system issues, peripheral nerve pain, muscle pain, bone pain.... Two things are possible, and a blend between the two probably common, 1) these are the symptoms of a T cell dysregulation condition (true); 2) what is felt to be Covid vaccine injury is actually (or primarily) GDD; 3) a combination of both (hence GDD with complications). It is also important to mention that Fibromyalgia has the same collection of injuries. My opinion is that Fibromyalgia may be the umbrella condition of multiple immune system dysregulation conditions, of which GDD is one.. Then the other critical observation> the enormous list, with more names maybe added daily: chronic inflammatory syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, cytokine release syndrome, Mast Cell activation Syndrome, POTS.. may all be immune dysregulatory conditions, most often T cell, and in the present day perhaps most often GDD. I would rename Fibromyalgia, but I am not sure it covers a broad enough immune mechanisms, to call it T cell Dysregulation Disease (TCDD).

One distinguishing feature when I look at the expanding list of 20 or so abnormalities, that GDD causes skin burning pain and deep tissue burning pain as a prominent feature, and the others do not (now that I write this, someone may now be adding it to the list of findings in these other conditions). I attribute that burning to TRPV1 (capsaicin) channels that may be stimulated by the iv injection of GBCA, that the other entities do not have (unless they are actually GDD called by one of the other names - which I think is often the case).

So T cell dysregulation conditions share an enormous list of clinical findings... nowadays many of those conditions are GDD, or closely related.. Some maybe be Deposition DIseases of other heavy metals.

When patients contact me and tell me they have GDD but also maybe 3-5 of these other conditions (and one of the 3-5 may also be chronic Lyme disease -also a chronic T cell dysregulation) and they ask me what about DTPA chelation and all of these hobogoblins. I tell them, and now telling this readership: how I would manage you is treat you like a simple GDD sufferer to start with, because 1) these other diagnoses you carry may actually all be GDD, or 2) many of these other conditions also benefit from what we do DTPA + steroids and antihistamines, because they may be due to another metal (what DTPA treats) and many conditions that are immune mediated inflammatory diseases(IMID) are anyways managed with steroids and possibly antihistamines; so our overall treatments is the state-of-the-art therapy for GDD and PbDD (lead) and the steroids and antihistamines deals with most other IMIDs. After 10 or so chelations we see where we are at, and what we have to add in.

Richard Semelka, MD


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