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GDD is a Particle Disease and an Energy Disease

Tracing back to the source, we are composed both of particles and energy. In advanced atomic physics (quantum physics), electrons and other similar subatomic entities (such as x-rays) are treated as/behave as both particles and energy wave forms. The basis of MRI is the charged nature of particles, and in most common use Hydrogen imaging, where Hydrogen atoms behave both as particles and also as micromagnets.. and we are composed of atleast 30-50% hydrogen, primarily in the forms of water and fat (other major components being carbon and calcium). We are composed of particles and we are composed of their charges.

A simple crude analogy for GDD: it is like throwing a stone in a pond (the particle) which creates waves (the energy).

Much in fact of the physics of MRI can be related to GDD (and probably everything else). The actual signal reception itself: the Free Induction Decay (FID) is a sinusoidal energy with progressive decay. A behavior modeled by GDD itself.

A brief sidebar pause: the term Particle Disease is actual in use as a disease related to metal implants that make people sick. I consider it in the family of heavy metal diseases, and I would term it Heavy Metal Particulate Disease- because Particle Disease is too nonspecific a term, as everything more-or-less is particle disease. And yes, like GDD it is also disputed by organized medicine, and yes, it is real, and in the general umbrella of metal toxicities including GDD, and probably the largest umbrella would be termed T-cell or T-cell dysregulation diseases, under which is the sub-umbrella of heavy metal diseases.

So FID is essentially the pattern of a disease like GDD, where the the symptoms of the majority of individuals receiving GBCA ring down to baseline- but as with MRI itself, there are a variety of nonsteady state MR sequences, but others that are steady state, and there are varying rates of decay. When GDD becomes steady state, it is like an autopilot autoimmune disease.

Subjects with GDD experience both the direct effects of the particle disease (which is much of what I write about); but also individuals describe, of varying severity, is the energy disease. Individuals can be extremely sensitive to radiofrequency (RF) energy (the family of sound waves) and electromagnetic (EM) energy (the family of electricity and magnetism): both of which are integral in MRI itself. Many individuals cannot tolerate cell phones, various vibrations (waves) of various sources - and ofcourse MRI without contrast. It does seem crazy, but it is real, and is explained by the fact that GDD is a particle disease combined with an energy disease.

Essentially all of the treatments I have focused on involve the treatment of the particle disease- both the particles themselves, but also critically, the host response. I have considered that the energy component of the disease follows the particle component:, that is, treat the particles and the energy follows. Intriguing though, does this always happen, that energy follows the particle treatment? And can the energy component be treated separately.?.. This recalls the fad (maybe still in existence) of wearing magnetic bracelets.... but this should be explored more scientifically, and not be relegated as a 1960's hippy, feel-good, sell at the Rose Bowl, product.

This recalls to me, the dedication speech of Andrei Sakharov for the MRI facility at the St Boniface General Hospital in 1990 (where I was the director of MR research from 1990-1992), a passage which I have never forgotten: he described that we were celebrating the importance of the diagnostic value of MRI, but he extolled not to forget the therapeutic possibilities of the modality.

Should there be more dedicated research into the positive aspects of RF and EM energy, instead of what we presently do, dismiss it as a feigned occurrence of a feigned entity GDD? Even I struggle a bit with patient complaints about RF energy, EM energy and vibrations in general. But it definitely is real to them, and by extension: real.

There are various devices that do work on the basis of generating vibrations. I think it would be prudent to strongly consider their therapeutic role in treating GDD (atleast as complementary), as Sakharov envisaged back in 1990 in Winnipeg to the audience in attendance at the opening of the MRI facility.

If nothing else, as we continue to destroy the atmosphere (hopefully now it will be slowed down), we may all end up wearing total body and face shield RF-protecting clothing, like vacuum-sealed Tommy copper total body suits as we shield off energy and particles from outer space. This ofcourse is a different related subject:

all of us are constantly bombarded by atomic particles and energy from outer space. Something else to worry about. These are, or will be, other Particle and Energy diseases.

Richard Semelka, MD


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