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GDD: Reframing the Discussion

I have written a lot on the mechanism, symptoms, treatments for GDD. I have opined on that GDD is primary an immunological disease. Also I have reflected on the plethora of reports on animals that describe an enormous range of awful consequences of Gd in the rodent model - everything from Gd inserting into Ca channels in metabolic pathways (which is essentially all of them), nerve tissue effects, and mitochondrial disruption.. So it is amazing to think that even with the majority of GDD sufferers, the consequences appear much fewer than that.

Reframing the discussion: what is it about GSC humans (GB

CA injection - no disease) that they do not suffer from apparently any of these ill-consequences? I have opined it is an immune regulatory/blocking process. That being the case, is it not at least as important, or more so, to figure out why humans do not get sick from Gd (and the great majority due not)? Won't understanding these metabolic processes of prevention not only provide insight into Gd and metal toxicities in general and perhaps also insight into other invading diseases like cancer and infection. Perhaps we can discover how to marshal these effects and use them not only to combat GDD but most other diseases? These same reframing questions should be posed for PFAs (family of nonstick chemicals, the most famous of which Teflon) and Glyphosate (herbicides and other chemicals). It seems everyone in the US has lead in them, 95% have PFAs (this may mean everyone) and perhaps a similar high percentage have Glyphosate. What is preventing the great majority of people from being deathly ill for having these chemicals stored in them?

In many respects this is like taking a problem, and often the approach is to look at one side of it, but perhaps the most informative is to tackle it from both sides. In Radiology, the closest analogy that I can think of: when there is a small bowel blockage we usually start by looking from proximal to distal (that is from the direction of the stomach to the colon), but there are so many twists and turns to the small bowel that we may not be able to localize and determine the type of obstruction by looking at just the one direction. Often times we have to also then start in the opposite direction (from colon to stomach) in order to localize the obstruction, by looking in both directions and see where they meet. This is a common technique when using CT (or MRI) to identify and characterize small bowel blockage.

This is what we need to do with the subject of Gd toxicity. Why do some people get sick, GDD, and why? Yet the majority do not, GSC? What are their cells, and which cells, doing to prevent the numerous injuries that Gd and other heavy metals can do to the body? My impression is that bone marrow cells infiltrates (cd 34+ circulating fibrocytes one of many members) corral toxic substances to sites that reduce their toxicity - so Gd and lead to skin and bones, and other toxins to fat- presumably the 'decision' being made on sites that keep them most contained, and least bioavailable.

Richard Semelka, MD


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