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Metal Interactions in GDD (and other conditions). Particle disease. Introducing Galvanic Corrosion.

In earlier blogs I have described various occurrences in the setting of Gadolinium Deposition Disease, including:

  1. Gd and other retained metals interacting with each other to make symptoms worse,

  2. GDD development creates Metal Deposition Disease of other retained metals, which may have been in a Storage Condition previous.

  3. Particle disease, which refers to metal atoms from metal implants, such as joint replacements, metal rods in bones, metal plates causing inflammatory (probably immunity-type) in tissues, generally tissues adjacent to the metal causing pain symptoms, and at times implant loosening. The term should be Metal Particle Disease to be more accurate. I have proposed that an additional beneficial effect of chelation should also be to remove these displaced metal particles (which would depend on the stability constant of the chelator with that particular metal).

  4. Galvanic corrosion. This is now a new concept, that was brought to my attention by Debbie Lambert. Galvanic corrosion is the process observed generally when two different metal structures are in direct contact that are 'incompatible' on the basis of significantly different electrode potential. The more reactive metal acts as the anode, and the less reactive as the cathode, and by their connection the anode metal corrodes much more rapidly. This is absolutely crucial to consider in all construction that involve metals. The Galvanic process is also the basis of electricity generation in Carbon-Zn batteries.

So how many of the different metals in our body also experience the Galvanic process, resulting in either corrosion (teeth fillings falling out) or Galvanic electricity generation on a microscopic level (like tiny molecular batteries). Thank you Debbie for bringing this concept to my attention.

One more thing for us to worry about in Gd toxicity, the possibility of Galvanic corrosion.

Richard Semelka, MD

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