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Who Should Not Be Allowed to Vote in US Elections

There is a great deal of anxiety about the upcoming vote, the present ones and upcoming elections in 2024. We are in the Years of Lying Dangerously.

Probably throughout all of organized human history there has been a bell-shaped distribution in the population with on one extreme, 10%, have the overall mindset of humanism, and at the other extreme, 20%, having the mindset of xenophobia often in the guise of nationalism. All of us have in us those competing feelings, it just varies on the proportion, and that proportion of feelings within ourselves and also of the bell curve of the populace, exacerbated by periods of strife - usually to date economic and secondarily environmental, but progressively environmental will dominate.

About 5% in each of these categories:. humanist and xenophobic ( that is 5% of the 10% of the population that are humanist, and same for nationalists) have extreme views. Where humanist extremes come across as just crazy (woke-ism) whereas the nationalist group has a tendency towards violence- where things go from simply crazy too frightening and dangerous. It is critical that both larger groups, control the extremes of their memberships - humanists must keep their extreme wing less nutty; and the nationalist group to keep the wing less violent. There is a tendency to associate/ paint all members of the group with the actions of the minority of their extremists, since the extremists generally are the loudest members). By painting each group as the extreme, it is easy to see them as the enemy. When that control is lost on keeping the extreme in check, particularly with nationalists, is when society degrades into violence, oft cited example: the Nazi party.

With that as prelude I have a light-hearted survey that people should take to determine if they are qualified to vote. If they check any of the boxes they can't vote. And no this won't address Mexican or Canadian citizens driving up to a voting station with six sets of shirts and hats in their cars, going into the station voting, returning to their car, change shirt and hat, go back and vote, and repeat this for a total of 6 times. Nor do I address dead people voting, as we are not yet at the point of a Zombie Voting Apocalypse.

Here is the survey (potential voters will not know in advance that checking any of the boxes will exclude them from voting).

[. ] Babies should be able to vote

[ } Tom Hanks eats babies

[ ]. All public statues and images of George Washington should be taken down

[ ] Bill Gates has put microchips in all doses of vaccines.

[ ] The earth is flat and there are dragons at the end of the earth, like in the Game of Thrones spin off series: the House of the Dragon

There are a number of other questions that could be added, but the survey should be short, like most of our attention spans, and if I wrote more questions I may have another Canadian, besides myself, come to hit me on the head with a hammer.

I am actually so put off by all of the general sycophancy, hypocrisy and lying (especially what is specifically effecting me), I am thinking I should run in the next US presidential election as the first openly Canadian presidential candidate.


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