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World Gone Crazy

The world has gone crazy: Americans shooting people who ring their door bell or drive-up on the end of their driveway, on the backdrop of out of control mass killings, most tragically in schools. Large dictator-democracy unprovoked brutal invasion of conquest of their neighbor, with an unprovoked scale of brutal war crimes not seen in Europe for 75 years. Small south east Asian country feeling ignored and no longer the political worst 'bad boy' , promising bigger bombs with farther reach, as if they were advertising a new season of Game of Thrones. Global increased hate against various minorities: Asians, Jews, transgender, on top of the standard for Backs, in the US and elsewhere; more intolerant dictator-theocracy; more intense persecution of cultural and religious endemic minorities in Asian and African countries

Throughout history there have been convergence of events that result in the situation of the world gone crazy. In earlier times with less and less rapid panglobal communication, the infection of mass-craziness or mass-hysteria has been more regional. For western authors this vision of panglobal has really meant same-culture-centric vision. So when we consider the relatively primitive and brutal 'dark ages' of about 400-800 (AD - now termed common era CE, which is a nod to a common global understanding) in western Europe (effectively white culture) it was far from a dark age in the large population centers of India and China, and many other regions of the world.

In the present time, with rapid global communication, effectively instantaneous coupled with the current easy human ability to destroy human existence, we are in the unique situation of finally being in the situation of true: World Gone Crazy..

The challenges of the mass effect of a world gone crazy coupled with the ready ability of mass human extinction are terrifying.

There are presently a convergence of a number of human events and natures that create the milieu for global craziness.

  1. a global pandemic that is easing up. Large regional catastrophes create a psychological setting in a population, that generates a feeling of hopelessness, fear and anger.. The recovering from this often results in a pent up release of energy that creates extreme bizarre behavior and rage. A good example is the Flagellants during the Black Death in Western Europe. Historically the pent of rage of of recovering from catastrophic infectious pandemics takes in the order of 5 years, til the worst is over. We cannot afford 5 years of global rage in the present era.

  2. the progressive rise of dictatorships and quasi-dictatorships which usually arise out of fear and anger of the 'others'. This has been intensifying over the last decade, independent of, but worsened by, the pandemic.

  3. the sinusoidal wave of intolerance to the other group. There is a natural tendency for humans to divide into two groups, throughout all history. The basic separation into the establishment, the aristocracy of old money and power, which tends to be isolationist (Cornelius Sulla in ancient Rome; Samurai culture at its isolationist peak 1600s - 1870); and the populist non-establishment (Gaius Marius in ancient Rome, the concept of the Great Gatsby in American culture). Often this had a close association with culture and religion; Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. The sinusoidal level of antagonism was peaking even before the pandemic.

  4. Mass migrations. Stimulated by war, famine, and poverty. Throughout history this has been a major source of conflict. Now it is on a scale never seen before in the world.

  5. The sinusoidal natural human psychological wave of feast and famine, as described in the old testament. We have been too many years in the Bull market, and when the Bear market of correction is too long delayed, it generally is magnified.

  6. Pollution and global warming. On its own, and also its influence on the above.

It would appear that we are on the cusp of Stephen Hawkings projection that pollution, greed, and stupidity were the greatest threats to human survival.

What can we do?

1. The first rule is to back away from the abyss. to realize that the others are really no different from ourselves.. Having trained doctors from all over the world for over 2 decades, I have direct knowledge and experience with this.

2. The great majority of people undergoing incredible hardship to come into the US, and Europe, are doing this not to destroy our culture but to be a part of it, and to give their children a better life.

3. Stop accepting the fictitious and dangerous propaganda of individuals, where it is clear that the propaganda is personal-advantage dishonesty of individuals - at home and abroad. Use wisdom-sense.

4. Tolerance. But the other side of the coin, avoid provocative behavior, if you already are a persecuted minority. Most people are in the decent middle ground- don't force them into the opposition by being too provocative. Yes you may have justified pent up anger and frustration, but to be provocative and, for example, for men to dress up as angry nuns, will have the opposite to the desired effect of being accepted for who you are. Tolerance and Wisdom-sense.

5. Wisdom-sense. Middle ground. Everything in moderation. These are also the 3 pillars I use for medical care in general, and GDD as a specific example. This is nothing new, maybe described by elders for atleast 10,000 years, and basically the guidance of Polonius in "Hamlet". But whereas in the past it was prudent to understand this. Now it is essential for our and the planet survival.


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