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Medical consulting in Radiology, Body MRI image interpretation, medicolegal work, and Gadolinium Toxicity. As a radiologist in practice for over 28 years and author of 370 peer-reviewed papers and 16 text-books, I have the skills and expertise to provide all the tools, guidance, and support my clients need.

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GDD results from receiving a GBCA injection during an MRI. Initial symptoms show immediately to few weeks. Gadolinium is retained in the body. The symptoms from the retained Gadolinium can impact individual's quality of life.

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I got poisoned with gadolinium after a routine MRI with contrast dye that I had done on Jan 2015 and did first gadolinium test in June 2017 at Mayo Clinic. After 2 years and a half gadolinium was still showing present in my body. Through a matter of luck, I had the chance to meet Dr. Richard Semelka. He was able to correctly diagnose me with Gadolinium Deposition Disease. If this would have happened in Jan. 2015 lot's of drama in my life would have been avoided.  Due to gadolinium incident and misdiagnosis I lost my job, the dearest member of my family ( my mother died) and I almost lost my life. Dr. Richard Semelka is a pioneer of the modern medicine of 2018 that discovered and acknowledged this man made illness in medical books. He sets the tone for a revolution in radiology field to research and to develop safer imaging agents for medical usage. He is currently collaborating with scientists to find the best safest treatment that can be administered to people intoxicated with MRI contrast dyes. Imagine how terrible it is to be poisoned with something that apparently nobody knows about, and have no cure and no treatment to it. Gadolinium Deposition Disease is a cruel disabling illness that destroys people's health, careers, families and ultimately their lives. Dr. Richard Semelka is a professional with high integrity and work ethic. I highly recommend his medical consulting services to the people that have been exposed to the MRI contrast dyes. I also recommend Dr. Semelka consulting services to the Pharma manufactures that are committed to launch on the market safer medicines. Many people experience all type of symptoms and are diagnosed with illnesses ranging from simple headaches to chronic ones like multiple sclerosis and cancer. They do not know that in fact what originally triggered in their bodies their current illness is the contrast dye stored for years in their bodies. I encourage people that had done MRIs tests with contrast dye to reach out to Dr. Semelka and get his pertinent advise and receive the correct diagnostic. He will work in collaboration with your doctor to get the best currently available treatment tailored to your condition. Being correctly diagnosed will spare you of real drama in your life. I also encourage Pharma manufactures to reach out to Dr. Semelka and collaborate with him to develop safer medicines for radiology field. What Dr. Richard Semelka did for this humanity needs to be acknowledged, recognized and promoted widely to the rest of the doctors.

Loredana Levitchi
GDD Patient at Richard Semelka, MD. Consulting


I have known Dr Semelka for more than 20 years. He is a visionary and has pioneered body MRI, and is one of the leading world authorities on this subject. He is one of the world's experts in safety in Radiology, including medical radiation and radiology contrast agents. His recent description of toxicity from gadolinium deposition in subjects with normal renal function and the FDA work he is doing with chelation with DTPA has led to change of practice. Dr Semelka has tremendous national and international recognition with his years of incredible research, research publications, text-books and national/international presentations.

Aytekin Oto, MD, MBA
Professor of Radiology and Surgery
Vice Chair for Business Development
Chief of Abdominal Imaging and Body MRI
Department of Radiology
University of Chicago


I have known Richard since 1998 as one of his Body MRI fellows. We have remained in touch since that time and have collaborated on research and educational projects and co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers. Much of what I practice today as an abdominal radiologist, I learned from Richard. He is a phenomenal radiologist, excellent mentor, and one of the most generous human beings. Richard is completely selfless as mentor and educator. Over his career, he has educated numerous fellows from around the world and shared his precious and often cutting-edge knowledge of body MRI with such a wide community of radiologists that his impact is noticeable in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. He truly embodies the “international” spirit of the Radiology community.

Shahid M. Hussain, MD, PhD, FACR
Vice-Chair of Education
Professor of Radiology
Stony Brook Medicine

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