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Gadolinium Deposition Disease

Defining GDD

GDD is a term to describe a collection of symptoms affecting multiple body systems that can result from receiving a GBCA injection during an MRI. Initial symptoms typically show immediately to a few weeks after the injection. Gadolinium is retained in the body.

Female patient undergoing MRI - Magnetic
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Classic GDD Symptoms

You may have GDD if you experience several of the main symptoms listed below:

Central Nervous System

Head pain
Brain fog
Tingling sensations
Muscle vibrations and fasciculations 
Skin pins and needles
Vibrations in arms and legs
Vision loss

Blurry vision

Musculoskeletal System

Deep bone pain
Severe joint pain
Loss of mobility
Muscle loss

Increased weakness 

Dermatologic System

Skin discoloration
Skin substrate thickening 
Skin burning sensation 

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GDD Treatment

Dr. Semelka treats GDD patients in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with DTPA IV chelation treatments and FRAME drug protocol. For more information, please book a consultation with Dr. Semelka, and/or find more detailed treatment information on Dr. Semelka's blog.

GDD: About
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