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When is: enough is enough? When to stop GDD treatment or what to keep doing

The below is a modification of an email I recently sent a client, and is a discussion that I have commonly had (extremely commonly).

When is: enough is enough.

The Lab results tells us that DTPA is still removing Gd from your body. The fact that you have had multiple chelations with DTPA and the postchelation urine Gd is still high is nothing to panic about. This is a good thing, it tells us DTPA is working and is still increasing Gd removal from the body. The end goal is not to remove all the Gd from your body, this may be impossible, as getting it out of bone completely would be a very lengthy proposition. What we want to do is debulk the amount of Gd in your body to the point that you are close to your pre-GBCA status of physical wellness. Debulking Gd alone, for many sufferers (maybe 50% of individuals) brings the individual to the point that the amount of Gd left in their body is minimal enough that their immune system quiets down, and is not continuously restimulated by the constant passage of substantial amounts of Gd in the blood stream (probably long term originating from bone), and to be eliminated in urine (partly redistributed). I suspect there is a threshold of Gd concentration in blood, below which the immune system ignores. That is what we are aiming for.

Ofcourse, this overall issue of inevitable persistence of Gd in the body, and/or a more pure auto-immune status (that the immune system has taken on a life of its own of self-destruction independent of Gd), is why we have developed a host-response medical regimen (we call AMASE). This may be necessary in those who have received macrocyclics, and may not be necessary in those who have received just linear agents (which is your situation). I am aware of some individuals who have received near 100 chelations and are still sick. This is because they have not addressed the auto-immune disease component of GDD.

Don't panic if Gd is still being removed, it means the DTPA is still working. That is why my opinion is a prudent course is 10 sessions of chelation, pause for 2-3 months to see how you are doing, if still suffering significantly from GDD then restart chelation but with autoimmune drug regimen, or even the auto-immune regimen on its own. I am working on a more detailed approach to managing persistent aggressive GDD despite multiple chelations.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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