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Semelka Autoimmune Lifestyle and Diet

GDD is closely related to autoimmune disease. This is shown by the release of the same cytokines by Gadolinium exposure as is observed in autoimmune disease, and neither of these entities are infection or cancer. This also explains why a number of sufferers who just undergo chelation do not experience signifiant cure, despite having undergone many chelations (>50+). The host response, the autoimmune-type disease, also needs to be treated.

That is why we have developed AMASE (Autoimmune Medication And Supplement Envelope). The medications alone though need to be combined with an entire program of therapy. Because it creates a nice acronym we call it the Semelka Autoimmune Lifestyle And Diet (SALAD). The intention is not to create products for sale, or videos to purchase, but to encourage individuals to treat everything. Clearly chelation is not enough, autoimmune drugs will help a great deal, but total (and as a radiologist I have trepidation in saying this) mind/body treatment does make sense.

It has been mentioned to me by a number of sources, including by one of the most eminent chemists who has created GBCAs and by a radiologist, but the long term effects of childhood emotional stresses often time linger as serious medical disorders, later in life. I do not assume that all GDD patients have sustained childhood emotional/physical trauma - but in some maybe there has been this. To be continued.

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