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Salad (1:3) Fad Diets

Fad diets for the most part must be an incredibly lucrative business for some people. To be successful many of them have a catchy name and a catchy idea > both of which may be crazy when one thinks deeply into them. Ofcourse you could say what about 'Salad' - well I do like catchy names, I come by that honestly it comes from MRI sequence design.

Many current diets do make an enormous amount of sense, my take on them is to combine elements from diets that make sense: I like the Mediterranean diet, the South Beach Diet, and the Japanese diet. I must confess I find high protein diets crazy, and I especially find humor in the Paleo diet. The concept being that this is what humans ate 50,000 years ago, so it has to be good. Really? Wasn't the life span 25 years for humans 50,000 years ago? I don't especially like Vegan, and generally although I like the idea of a vegetarian diet, Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian... Again being too controlled in a diet is often the refuge of manic individuals, a very few may be mass-murderers, but most have too high a baseline adrenaline-level > chill out.

So diets, especially if you need to be attentive to what you eat (GDD, autoimmune disease) have to be composed of proteins, unsaturated fat, and minimally refined carbohydrates. Diets that work on the basis of achieving weight loss because the diet is not balanced are fundamentally unhealthy. Much of the research stating otherwise is produced by proponents of the strategy, making the research fundamentally questionable if getting a certain result achieves financial benefit to the authors.

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