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Treatment for skin lesions in GDD

Likely everyone who has received GBCA have skin retention of Gd, and it likely becomes readily found by ICP MS when anyone has received multiple GBCAs (> 3) whether they have GDD (sick) or GSC (not sick). However the presence of new skin lesions, when you did not have them previously, is different. it would be interesting/maybe important to get a skin biopsy of skin lesions.

I have been planning to research more into skin treatment for sufferers. Gentle cleaning is important. Right now I like the combination of using something gentle like oatmeal based soap (or cetaphil or similar), and maybe filling a sink half full and adding in a table spoon of salt and two table spoons of baking soda/sodium bicarbonate. Gentle drying. Then apply a thin layer of hydrocoritsone cream and Zinc cream (mixed) for coverage. Not only for skin lesions but full facial treatment.

Obviously for laundering of towels and clothing, it is important to use gentle more natural detergents without a lot of added chemicals.. Many detergent companies now make moire gentle detergents, but certainyl stores like Whole Foods would have a selection.

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