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Doctors and the crimes of abuse of power. Holding those in power to accountability. Reference to Dan

Readers may wonder why I often include somewhat humorous references when the disease is so serious. I do this because I believe at some level if one cannot see some humor in challenging situations, then it may well drive you crazy thinking about it: such as GDD not being recognized by most doctors.

I wanted in this blog to take an overview of corruption, lying, drunkenness, sexual abuse, criminal behavior, cover-up, and just simple thinking exactly in the confines to the box that we are instructed to think in by 'experts'.

In order to remain sane: the reference to Dante's Divine Comedy seems appropriate.

I would like to think that for 20 years of my career I have focused on patient safety in Medicine. Over the last 10 years my focus has shifted to protecting patients from Medicine. Unintentionally on my part, GDD has become for me the great cause of protecting patients.

I will start with a broader overview of abuse of power by physicians. The reader can add in the word alleged for many of the accounts below in accordance with modern parlance.

In many respects the first eye-openers for many us had been the Spot-Light story from the Boston Globe on sex abuse against minors committed by Roman Catholic priests. 6 % of priests were sex abusers, that is 6% were criminals. It turns out that perhaps this 6% figure of criminals applies to all professionals - this includes physicians.

The most recent criminals that have come to public attention, include Dr Robert Levy, the pathologist, and Dr Reginald Archibald, the pediatrician. I have written about Doc Sanders, the sports doctor, and ofcourse most recognized of all is Dr Larry Nassar, the sports medicine doctor.

Huge recent accounts of misconduct by publicly unnamed physicians, are multiple physicians from the central eastern states who traded/ sold opiate drugs for money and/or sex, and a broad network of fraud of physicians with prescribing unneeded orthopedic devices to patients.