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Similarities between COVID19 and GDD

For those who have read all my blogs on gadolinium, the similarities between COVID-19 and GDD are eerily similar. As I have written, GDD (also other heavy metals), infections, and cancer share the property that they are foreign antigens that the host (that is your immune system) has to do battle with.

These are the points:

1. In general a major difference between GDD and infection and cancer, is that GDD is non-proliferative, and infection and cancer, as the invaders are living organisms are proliferative. Unfortunately to the present time most GDD sufferers have received multiple GBCAs, often to investigate what turns out to be GDD, so they actually unfortunately experience a pseudo-proliferative situation, as with each GBCA injection they get progressively worse.

2. There are two critical aspects to severe disease/death aspects of GDD and COVID, and most diseases: 1. direct effects of the foreign antigen, and 2. the host response (and over-reaction). I general disease that particularly afflict adults from 18-60 years of age, the principle cause of disease is often not the direct action of the foreigner, but the over-reaction by the host. This is the principle cause of disease with GDD, was probably the principle cause of disease in the 1918 Swine Flu, but does explain those young adults who get sick and die from COVID. The host over-response (often a cytokine storm) is responsible. As a rule of thumb, many disease which primarily afflict young to middle aged adults, host over-response is the major cause. That is the great majority of autoimmune diseases.

3. In following the news on COVID you will have heard about cytokine storm.. This is something I have discussed about GDD for over 1 year. As in pt 2, severe disease/death in younger adults is generally from cytokine storm, and not direct activity of the invader.

4. Direct cause of death by the invader often is secondary to the fact that the host immune system has been overwhelmed by the invader, so pathogens that are generally not so deadly, suddenly become deadly. So many pneumonia deaths by COVID are secondary to bacteria which are usually not so deadly. This also explains the co-existence of GDD with chronic infections such as tick-borne diseases, example Lyme disease. Either the disease is acquired new, or more commonly, is awakened because the immune system is overwhelmed and cannot control other past invaders held in quarantine.

5. We all contain within us atleast 2 viral pathogens that are quiescent when we are healthy (in realty maybe we all have 10 or more that we keep at bay) because our immune system keeps them in quarantine. A serious attack on the immune system (GDD, COVID, and many others) releases these pathogens to resurge.

6. We see the same phenomenon with COVID that I have described with GDD. Most people recover on their own from GDD (maybe 90%) and most patients with COVID recover on their own (80%), so I am very, very, very cautious, as we see now with the assessments by health care experts with COVID, to attribute wonder drug status to any nonspecific medication or supplement or anything else (that is not clearly science driven) that has achieved cure for these diseases. I suspect that most individuals who have undergone a miracle cure with... chlorella, infrared sauna... etc.. with GDD.... and hydroxychloroquine, Zn, azithromycin, with COVID, would have gotten better with no intervention. This led me to describe the Semelka trilogy: if it is not expensive, seems to make some scientific sense, and very unlikely to cause harm, then may as well try it. This is true of everything I have recommended with GDD, but unfortunately is not true for the vast array of things described for COVID - many of these things are dangerous - especially azithromycin.

You have to distinguish people simply getting better on their own, and the effects of the therapy... this can be difficult and actually requires true scientific study, with blinded investigation and atleast a two limb study... Unfortunately my suspicion for GDD and for COVID many people get better, despite the treatment they are receiving, and not because of it. This has been a challenge for medicine for the 10,000 year history of medicine, as true now as it was then. That is why if I am not entirely convinced, I am very shy to support a certain procedure, drug, etc. As I said previously, maybe in young adults, at a tight time window, hydroxychloroquine may be helpful for COVID based on immune suppression of a death/serious injury causing cytokine storm - but for the elderly, and for most situations, the immune suppression that is the basis of the effect of hydroxychloroquine, is most likely to make things worse.

7. I am 100% certain that GDD is a genetic disease, and not so dissimilar from Genetic hemochromatosis as white people are the most common to be afflicted. The genetics for GDD is therefore probably straight-forward to elucidate. Host COVID sensitivity that results in death in young adults is likely also genetics-based, but likely more complicated. In both cases, environmental factors are also important, clearly very important with COVID (poor health chronic disease contributing greatly to death), not as important, but still important as co-factors with GDD (examples: recent high potency antibiotics, juxta-GBCA extreme exercise).

The bottom line, most diseases of a certain type (in this case foreign antigen), whatever they are, are about the same. Host response and direct antigen toxicity are always responsible for the disease.

This is true for COVID as it is with GDD.

Richard Semelka MD Consulting Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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