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Gd and Lead Chelation. Some Interesting Pointers.

The goal is not to get all the Gd out, that is impossible (at least 50% of Gd is in bones, and getting it out of bones is not that easy, even with agents that get Gd out of bones - DTPA). The goal is to get enough Gd out that you are about 80% better. A lot of the important part of treatment is dampening the immune response. FRAME is essential (not 100% essential if using Zn-DTPA alone- but close to 100%).

What about Lead. Most practitioners are getting Lead out in individuals who are not sick from Lead - so the individuals have Lead storage condition and not Lead deposition disease. It is easy then: people with Lead storage condition do not Flare on removal of Lead, just like individuals with GSC don't Flare on removal of Gd. What makes it even easier to 'remove Lead completely' is that the chelators that are used are poor chelators, even for Lead (DMSA< EDTA), that do not get Lead out of bone (DMSA) or re-release Lead removed from bone (EDTA) - so if you never get Lead out of bone (the largest repository of Lead) it is easy to get to 0 Lead showing up in urine. This then is a false complete removal of Lead. The way to prove that Lead is still present is to chelate with Ca-DTPA, and determine if Lead is present post-chelation.

Metals in urine may be either chronic deposited metals, or recently retained metals... the latter is most often what accounts for change in metal profile suddenly in urine collections. The former situation of chronic deposition of metals suddenly changing in urine would be a more complex situation, not yet understood. This is one of the reasons progressively we will also look at other metals as well. Certainly our current approach (Ca-/Zn-DTPA + FRAME drugs) is the maximal approach for Gd, Lead, and Plutonium.. and likely many other metals...

Also no extraterrestrial alien genes in the drugs we use.

Richard Semelka, MD

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