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Avoid, Detoxify, Remove. The 3 pillars of Gadolinium Deposition Disease Management and all other diseases..and everything else.

The management of all disease involves 3 components: avoidance, detoxification, and removal. Essentially this pertains to everything.

I will discuss this with repetitions from prior blogs on GDD, but introduce comparisons/examples with other diseases. Interestingly, when discussing the big categories of disease: cancer, vascular disease (heart attack, strokes), infection, immune mediated inflammatory diseases (from type 1 Diabetes to GDD), and trauma. Often trauma is broken out from the discussion of management of the other 4, but in this case, it also applies to trauma.

For differing diseases the weighting of these 3 pillars will differ, oftentimes because the topic of removal is not clear cut or readily achievable. GDD stands out from the majority, because all 3 pillars are very clear cut, and at least two of them have concrete clear understanding, and achievability.


For at least the last 75 years, cigarette smoking has been the dominant source of disease in the developed world, and probably in the developing world, one of the top 2 or 3. Cigarette smoking leads to lung cancer, the dominant cancer, and the dominant vascular diseases (heart attack, stroke). Stopping smoking has been the principle management means of controlling this mega-monster of death. But then there is still the issue of secondary smoke. With trauma, avoidance examples: control drinking alcohol and driving, and limiting access to firearms.

With GDD, the answer is concrete and clear: if you have GDD the first step in treatment is never get another GBCA injection again. To date I have not been concerned of Gd toxicity secondary to oral consumption of water contaminated with Gd. However,  I am open to the possibility that I may be wrong now, and definitely may be more likely to be wrong in the future,. As Paracelsus had observed some centuries ago: the dose makes the poison. In large urban centers the amount of Gd in the water supply (from many MR systems being present, and many individuals receiving GBCAs, and urinating the Gd out) is appreciable, and will increase further in concentration (unless filtered out). It may be with a large amount of orally consumed Gd there may be toxicity. In a similar fashion to the fact that for COVID and for most other infections, the greater the amount of infective organisms taken in, the more likely to get infection and more importantly the more likely to get severe infection


When considering detoxification, I view this process as very broad, and although generally focused the nebulous consideration of making cells healthier, it includes strengthening the immune system, but this itself is a Goldilocks situation: to make the immune system more reactive to things it should control (eg: cancer, infection), and less reactive to things that it should not control (eg: heavy metal deposition, immune mediated self-injury).

I have in recent years found it interesting that the core treatment considered now for many diseases, is essentially what even more recently in my endeavors I have targeted with GDD, and that is eating a healthy diet. I have termed this the Wholesome Diet (core understanding healthy fresh food prepared simply, minimizing sugar and chemical additives - everything is on the table). The emphasis is on consuming a broad range of foods that have anti-oxidant/ anti-inflammatory properties.. but not too much (the Goldilocks principle). This is a timeless understanding, maybe understood for thousands of years, and certainly all modern nutritionist essential extole this. The one critical caveat that most overlook: attention must be paid to foods that now are no longer healthy, because of pollution. The poster-child is Kale. The core diet is basically the same diet that others dedicated to their field (heart disease, cancer, Covid) espouse. The key to managing COVID and all its strains is a healthy diet; the same key to vascular/ heart disease.

I do recommend some supplements. which are all anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory in nature. Curcumen/ turmeric (a combo supplement with Quercetin seems prudent), chlorella/spirulina. This blog is not focused on this subject.


Unlike most of the big toxins discussed in the health/ medical literature:, such as microplastics, PFAs, glysophates, or drug toxicities (such as vaccines, Cipro), Gd can be directly removed. This is best achieved with chelation: the binding of Gd to another molecule, the chelator, for removal. It remains unclear how the understanding of chelation remains so poor, amongst the broad spectrum of chelation authors, those who are against it (armed with what I describe as: opinion unconfounded by knowledge) to those who use it but don't fully understand the principle. The optimal available chelator has two properties: 1. high stability constant (thermodynamic stability) for the metal in question, and 2. demonstrates removal in vivo.

Plasmapheresis (basically straining particles out of blood, such as immunoglobulins) is a crude tool used for removal in a number of diseases,, but actually somewhat remarkably has shown benefit for a number of them. This is the basis of dialysis in kidney failure. Most recently this strategy has been employed for individuals with normal kidneys, to strain out other offending particles. Some early studies suggest it has benefit for a number, perhaps many, conditions.

Removal example for many cancers: surgical removal of small cancers with curative intent. Removal with trauma: remove bullets, or debris that may be a source of future infection.


Avoid, Detoxify, Remove, the 3 pillars for everything bad. GDD is among the purest examples of the importance of all 3.


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