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Beethoven's Hair: Almost 100 fold greater Lead content than normal and several fold higher of Arsenic and Mercury. Cause of his Deafness and other Ailments.

In 1824, at the age of 53, Beethoven helped conduct the premiere of his 9th and final symphony in Vienna. He was totally deaf, which became clear, as he was unable to recognize the audience applause, and one of the orchestra members had to turn him around to acknowledge it. He had started to become deaf in his twenties. He also suffered from bouts of intestinal pain. He died at age 57.

Recent hair analysis at Mayo Clinic of strands of his hair revealed almost 100 fold higher lead level than normal and several fold higher of arsenic and mercury. His health picture therefore almost certainly reflected Lead Toxicity (Lead Deposition Disease) probably augmented from Mercury and Arsenic Toxicity, representing Multi-Heavy Metal Deposition Disease.

If Beethoven was alive today to investigate his hearing problem would probably have resulted in obtaining a GBCA-enhanced MRI of the brain and acoustic canals. Maybe a second MRI of the abdomen with GBCA. So Gd would be part of the Multi-Heavy Metal Deposition Disease.

Too bad he was not investigated with heavy metal urine testing, pre- and post- iv DTPA chelation, and treated with iv DTPA with steroids and antihistamines. It would also be great for me to near-cure Beethoven from Lead and other heavy metal toxicities. Lead is also optimally treated with iv DTPA and steroids/antihistamines. He probably would be an excellent spokesperson and could maybe have dedicated a 10th symphony to the treatment of Heavy Metal Deposition Disease.

Richard Semelka, MD


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