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GDD and COVID Vaccine?

The first point I want to make is that vaccines in general have been incredibly important for the health of humanity. The obvious example is the eradication of Small Pox.

Interestingly there are many similarities between GDD and Covid. This may also include evaluation of vaccines and issues with GBCA agents. It is reasonable to consider what the potential effects are of additives to these fluid solutions- various stabilizers, maybe there are potentiators. Just to be clear, regarding any concern of my sanity, I do not believe any alien DNA is in either vaccines or GBCA agents. But it is not unreasonable to be concerned about additives, and it should be strived to remove as many of these as possible, and use safer ones, even if they are more expensive (no mercury for example). As the move made some two decades ago of insisting winemakers reduce additive sulfites to wine (no intention to trivialize this subject). Sulfites used to decrease the rate of spoilage in wine.

My well informed opinion is that GDD has not arisen from using 'spoiled' or expired agent. I am not 100% certain that additives do not play a role, but additives are often proprietary and likely unique to each product, yet all GBCAs cause GDD - what they all have in common is Gd and a ligand. So whether or not any additive plays a role, Gd is clearly the central issue.

A major part of the whole issue with GDD, and likely with serious vaccine problems is a T-cell dysregulation. This is my theory. Also my theory: these are gene-based. The genes related to this (GDD development, serious neurological damage from vaccines) are discoverable. This gene modification (I hesitate to call defect, there may be some survival benefit to this over 1 million years of evolution) probably occurs in 1 in 1 million with vaccines (incidence of serious neurological damage from measles vaccine) and GDD somewhere in the range of 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 100,000. Now I am not certain if this 10 to 100 fold difference in incidence is real, or a function of volume administered (vaccine perhaps 0.5 ml, and GBCA usually 10-15 ml). Remember: dosis sola facit venenum 'only the dose makes the poison' (attributed to Paracelsus).

Most likely the gene for GDD and for serious vaccine reaction are different, and maybe multiple genes for reactions of various kinds to multiple antigens. But could they be part of a cluster? I believe yes.

The subject of discovering the gene (studying the genetic make-up of the 1 in 1 million individuals who had catastrophic reaction to vaccines) : there would be a great deal of more interest in this, then in searching this out for GDD. So the GDD sufferers would have to wait for the findings on work on vaccines. It is a factor of public interest and money.

So my theory is both of these are T-cell dysregulations, and often if a person has one T-cell dysregulation, it predisposes to others.

What am I doing? I am looking forward to getting vaccinated for COVID, recognizing that nothing is 100% safe. Simple, straight-forward GDD without other significant immune (T-cell dysregulation) issues (examples: no chronic Lyme disease, no co-existent severe multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome) probably Covid vaccine is safe enough for most - but it is far less 0% than for me for example.

If a GDD subject is undergoing chelation and wants to get vaccinated (and I recommend this for most), since chelation causes an (immunologic) Flare, I would space vaccination atleast 2 weeks after, or 2 weeks before chelation, perhaps even 3 weeks. I may also if I was very concerned take low dose short duration Frame type drugs... but this will reduce the 'take' (effectiveness) of the vaccine.

Subjects with severe additional T-cell dysregulation, I may strongly consider not getting vaccinated if I was in that category.

The missing step: what are the genes for GDD and catastrophic vaccine reactions? This will be the future, hopefully near, for health care: having a genetic profile for all those undergoing health care (on admission to hospital) a gene panel of what you can receive and be safe for, and that you can't receive - without the trial and error that currently is occurring (and tragically even trial and error is not yet in place for GDD - this is my first goal that I am focused on for GDD). The intermediate step is highly refined mRNA: targeting pro-inflammatory T effector (Teff) cells, disease-suppressing regulatory T (T reg) cells, tissue-resident memory T (Trm) cells... This last maybe being a major player in GDD. Also let us not ignore the Merckle cell.

Stay tuned.

Richard Semelka, MD


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