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Immune Tolerance

Immune tolerance is essentially the opposing immunologic circumstance as immunological me

mory, the latter I have previously blogged on. Immune tolerance is essentially the effect that the immune system does not react to the presence of the specific antigen. Under normal circumstances the host immune system is tolerant to antigens native to its own body but is intolerant (that is reacts against) antigens that are not native. The most important exception is the immune tolerance of the majority of mothers and majority of fetuses.

The basic deficiency in GDD sufferers is that they are immune intolerant to GBCAs/Gd, whereas the great majority of those who undergo GBCA administration are immune tolerant, GSC subjects (theory).

So the treatment therefore of GDD really is the combined effort of removing a substantial amount of Gd and inducing immune tolerance for what Gd is remaining. Simply creating immune tolerance is conceivably feasible, but likely carries with it the prospect of much lengthier medication use (?lifelong), higher costs, and higher incidence and severity of adverse event prospects. This is due to the fact that higher potency drugs in general would be needed in the near future. The more distance future may entail Mabs and mRNA, which should be more specific and less toxic than current DMARDS


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