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Interview with Matt Asher on GDD and also first public mention of my Whistle Blower status

I have made my first public news interview on Gadolinium Deposition Disease with Matt Asher. The radio program will be played. as follows:

stations cover Miami and the keys

it will be on 6 PM on Saturday Feb 19 102.5 FM 96.9 FM

A podcast is also produced from it and I will post the link to it. The major focus is on GDD, and this is the first public broadcast made by me on this subject..

At the end, I am also speaking for the first time on the whistle blower case I have against UNC. I have been forced to discuss it because some bad intentioned individual brought up that I was fired from UNC for dishonesty. In fact I was fired because I reported to senior administration at UNC the worst medical misconduct in modern US history committed by a physician in my department, and actually a second physician who committed misconduct on par with the current major misconducts reported at UCLA, USC, and Columbia U. So the reality is that it was the polar opposite- I spoke up to protect patients from unethical conduct by other physicians.

I have deliberately avoided discussing this whistle blower case because I have not wanted to conflate that story with the critical work I have done for all sufferers of GDD. I also wanted the judicial process to proceed without me weighing in on it. I have just created a you tube speaking up for the victims of the worst medical misconduct. A doctor allowed to operate drunk on patients for atleast 1 and likely atleast 2 decades that has been ignored/covered up.

In fact my courage to speak up about misconduct at UNC is the same courage that has made me speak up in the face of organized medicine and Radiology on GDD. Despite likely dozens to hundreds of health care workers being aware of all the other misconducts at those centers, no health care worker had the courage to speak up regarding Larry Nassar and the pervert doctors at the above mentioned centers, and other reports in health care systems, and also ofcourse in the entertainment and news media spheres.

So unique courage. What was done to me actually explains why no one had the courage to speak up. All the other doctors who were aware of misconduct, including at UNC, knew intuitively they would be fired and careers destroyed. As you should also know it is unique courage that made me speak up about GDD as the first Radiologist and academic physician to do so. Yes, I put the health, welfare, and lives of patients and health care workers ahead of my own career and own life. I did this knowingly.

I will keep my blogs on GDD and whistle blowing separate in the future.

Richard Semelka, MD.


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