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Is GDD Demonic Possession? And therefore Chelation is Exorcism?

I was directed by one of the members of GadTTRAC to look at a you-tube on Gd MRI Injury site, put together by a young woman. I must admit I liked how it was put together. Seeing the video segment of her within a couple of days of GBCA injection, writhing about... I thought, she looked like she was possessed by the devil. Looking at fasciculations in the arms and elsewhere, it is also hard to imagine that it is not the devil at work.

It is always nice on long week-ends to contemplate important things.. and ofcourse naturally one's mind turns to the devil. Even in terms beyond GDD, global terms, it is hard to imagine that the devil is not at work.

Back to GDD.

I therefore wonder if in former centuries what was felt to be demonic possession, was in addition to other possible psychiatric and toxic entities, but maybe they were actually metal toxicities. In former centuries the most likely metal toxicities were mercury and lead.. Mercury Deposition Disease can really make a person crazy, really crazy, really looking like they are possessed by the devil; and Lead Deposition Disease can create the fasciculations, that surely looks like the devil crawling through a person's body. in centuries past (and even today).

In the Christian world, the only treatments available historically were prayer and exorcism, and if exorcism failed the next step was to be burned at the stake. Interestingly, exorcism probably at times had apparently partial success, but that is really because the most severe effects of metal toxicity can diminish, if the exposure is stopped... As in the young lady with GDD today - she is clearly a lot better presently, not writhing about, but still very sick - possessed by the demon Gd.

The one thing I did not like in her presentation, and I attribute it to

the fact she is not a molecular chemist, is that she said chelation (modern exorcism) does not work because of redistribution. That is the case if the chelation/exorcism is performed with a poor chelator, and/or not using significant concurrent immune dampening- exorcisms performed by those with limited knowledge.

In this analogy, I would have to be considered the equivalent of the grand exorcist from the Vatican in the 16th century, but schooled in the science of medicine by the great thinkers in the court of Suleyman the Magnificent, who carried on the knowledge of medicine from the ancient Greeks and Romans, at a time when medical knowledge was lacking and superstition-based in Christian Europe.. I know very well about chelator stability and current state of the knowledge of immune dampening, and the importance of concurrent usage..

In early blogs, I had mentioned that individuals may have underlying Tcell dysregulation conditions, most of which also respond relatively well to standard GDD therapy - unfortunately there are a few that do not. I had estimated that there may be 5% true failures to expertly performed chelation. Often one does not know this until actually starting the chelation and seeing how they do. Using the above analogy, in exorcisms often the possessing demon is a lesser demon, and the sufferer response follows a predictable good course. Rarely though, the possession is not by a lesser demon, Beelzebub or an incubus, but it is the devil himself. That is the 5%.

As in GDD, demonic possession (by Lead and mercury in centuries past) showed individual variations and severity of symptoms, but generally followed similar patterns. There was copious vomiting, sometimes red, sometimes green, sometimes black, but vomiting nonetheless.; skin crawling, sometimes legs, sometimes face, sometimes arms, but skin crawling nonetheless.

I think the young you-tuber may only have had 1 GBCA injection.... so as the Grand Chelationist, do I think I can cure her?- almost certainly, and maybe with significant response with as few as 5 chelations: if chelation is performed expertly. So she and others like her do not need to continue to suffer daily, with their only solace their keyboard and the internet, and their only friends others in the internet universe of Gd sufferers. A lifetime of agony is a horrible future, when (often significant) improvement to quality of life is only a plane flight away. It is no longer a 3 month journey by foot to the Vatican, wearing a hair shirt and lashing your back with a whip.

It is important to know two things though: 1. in 5% of cases the demonic possession is by Lucifer himself, and may not be cured by only chelation and 2. if you listen to the voice of the lesser demon that possesses you to stop chelation because Flares are too strong, then that is the larger group of failure by incomplete treatment and listening to the Beelzebub inside you.

Flares can be controlled by carefully starting low and increasing the amount of chelation, and starting high and progressively lowering the amount of immune dampening. I have only been doing this consistently for the last few months, because it is more laborious and time consuming, and many people want the devil out as fast as possible. But as you see from tv exorcisms, it is not a painless process- fast demon removal, the demon does not want to gently leave your body. There may be screaming, there may be crying, there may be head turning 360 degrees. Now though a number of my exorcisms I do more gently with encouraging the demon to leave rather than ripping him out, like the hair off the chest of Steve Correll in 40 yr Old Virgin.

So GDD is like demonic possession, and chelation is like exorcism. Except that the chelation exorcism is nondenominational, and works on those of all faiths and also no faith. My treatments work on all humanity, not just Christians.

Richard Semelka, MD.


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