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Mercury Poisoning/ Mercury Deposition Disease. The Emperor Chin Malady.

All readers of my blogs know that a central focus has been on Gd. But also that we intend to deal with all heavy metals, especially in the nonprofit GadTTRAC. So to date:

Gd- most of blogs.

Pb (lead) - probably same reservoirs and most of identical symptoms as GDD. Also DTPA + Frame best method to treat.

Thallium and Cesium - major source presently kale. Starting point don't eat kale. Treatment likely a combination of Prussian Blue and probably DTPA as well.

Now mercury.

The most famous historical account of mercury toxicity is Emperor Chin of China, the first emperor of united China, and where China gets its name from. He wanted to live forever, his doctors gave him mercury pills to achieve that goal. He died within a year or two completely crazy - because of mercury toxicity.

Mercury Toxicity/ Mercury Deposition Disease distinguishes itself in that it makes people quite crazy, paranoid, combative and incapable of following directions. Mercury is the crazy person metal.

Patients with GDD who get chelated and become even more disoriented, combative, paranoid are likely to have significant mercury in pre-chelation urine which has gone up following chelation. So the Flare is not only to Gd, but the crazy-part is do to Mercury. Check the urine values (again why I use Doctors Data so I get all the metals). Mercury present (or not) on pre- and goes up post, patient exceptionally crazy> Flaring from Mercury Deposition Disease (HgDD).

HgDD is then tricky because patients are not likely to to comply with prescription orders essential for management of GDD. Taking Frame drugs// agreeing to take high potency iv steroids during chelation when it is essential. For example in those with recent onset (3-6 months) GDD. If these drugs aren't taken, Flare to Gd is out of control and equally likely Flare to Mercury Deposition Disease out of control. One cannot expect them to then follow good medical advice.

It then becomes essential that they be supervised in their medical care, hopefully by an overseeing close family member.

Traditional treatment for Mercury toxicity is DMPS which achieves very slow removal of Mercury over a year or so. DMPS though will pick up other heavy metals and drop it back off in the body (redistribute) which is a problem. The slowness of withdrawal though may make Flares of MDD much less severe- which means not so intense bouts of craziness.

It so happens that Mercury has an even higher stability with DTPA than Gd, so DTPA will pick up Mercury very well. The downside then is there will be Flares of Gd but also of Mercury (maybe other metals also). It seems reasonable to think that aggressive steroid blockade that is so effective with Gd, should also be effective with Mercury.... but this is not certain.

The big problem is a confused/aggressive/paranoid individual is unlikely to take the steroid treatment unless directly supervised by a family care-giver.

There are then the two options with mercury when MDD is recognized, switch to a long course of DMPS with all the attendant issues (redistribution of other metals), or standard DTPA with antihistamine/steroid Frame regimen.... to shorten the duration of treatment and increase the level of Mercury removal. The subject will need close family member supervision of their care, or they will not take the Frame drugs and will refuse other things essential for their recovery, and will be very difficult during the course of Mercury removal, for a time period at present I am not sure of - I am hoping 3 months but may be longer.

So GDD, PbDD, TlDD (thallium), now HgDD (mercury).- the Emperor Chin Malady.

Richard Semelka, MD


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