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Morgellon's Disease. A Heavy Metal Disease by Any Other Name?

Morgellon's disease is a rare skin and subcutaneous disease characterized by small fibers exuded by the skin, burning skin pain, and the sensation of skin crawling. The symptoms sound very similar to GDD. Most sufferers are white females- just like GDD. Current thinking is that it may be a reaction. to Lyme disease. Recall as well that Lyme disease does have a substantial association with GDD. I think in large measure that both result in a T-cell dysregulation state, which results in predisposition to other T-cell dysregulation diseases.

Morgellon's now adds to a list of other diseases, like Dercum's, that may all represent heavy metal toxicities, this ofcourse include Fibromyalgia as the most common of them. As have stated previously, many of these may start as their own disease, also maybe they are all heavy metal toxicities, but once GBCA is given they now become also GDD, and maybe GDD dominates the picture. I suspect there are a host of other rare diseases with someone's name attached to them - and if they are modern disease they are heavy metal of other modern toxin diseases.


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