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No Sweat. GDD.

I do not think I have posted a blog just on sweating. At least 20% of GDD sufferers describe that they have lost the ability to sweat.

No sweat, no problem.

Never let them see you sweat...

Actually: no sweat, big problem.

Sweating may be the most important physiological process the body has to maintain body temperature when the individual gets very hot. If you can't sweat and you experience a lot of heat or a lot of intense activity, then you have lost the most important tool your body has to not heat up. Overheating is termed hyperthermia. Hyperthermia starts with causing metabolic acidosis which is very detrimental for all autoimmune/autoinflammatory diseases, which GDD is one of them. Eventually as internal temperature increases, organ systems shut down... and eventually death.

What is the mechanism?

Empirically the mechanism is most likely Gd inserted itself for sodium (Na) in the sweat production and contents process. Na is an important element in sweat. But if Gd inserts itself instead of Na, then it causes a true sabotage situation.: jamming the gears of sweat production.

If you can't sweat, avoid sauna. Sauna is a physical device that is part of the armamentarium of natural removal of Gd, so this is something that I generally recommend, but not if you cannot sweat. Similarly excess exercise is something to avoid.

I have not paid close attention to this, but with chelation eventually the Gd content decreases in the skin, then it no longer jams the production of sweat. Once you can sweat again, you can try sauna (start in moderation) and more intense physical activity.

Richard Semelka, MD


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