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Oddball Weird Conditions. Are Immune Dysregulations/ Dysautonomia the Expression. Root Cause Toxins?

Gadolinium Deposition Disease (GDD) remarkably even to this day,, when a number of sufferers have gone to their doctor or the ER with the complaints of all kinds of weird symptoms: brain fog, intense skin pain, skin rash, skin crawling, instability, stabbing bone pain, and they say they think it is from the GBCA they received. If their kidney function is normal, they are told it can't be from GBCA, so very often psychiatry is brought in to see them, because they exhibit the medical condition referred to as 'nuts' and some actually have been committed to psych wards. No this is not referring to medical practice in the 19th century (or Arkansas today) where poor unfortunate sods are looked up in psych wards AKA Shutter Island prisons.

I have addressed this subject before, but as with other GDD subjects I refine the discussion with future blogs- ie: this one.

There are a plethora of other conditions whose description has popped up over the last two decades, a number now accepted, many still in the territory of nuts. These conditions have started out as 'somatoform disorders' which is the polite form of saying nuts at a formal dinner. "where is Joan?", answer " Oh, she has a Somatoform Disorder". Then as Joan is getting worse: "the doctors now say she has a Conversion Disorder, but we are re-assured by her doctors that a simple lobotomy with a hammer and a long screw driver, like Rose Kennedy got you know, and she will be as right as rain".

So all these other conditions from now main stream fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, CRPS, sympathetic dystrophy, POTS, to not-quite-main-stream: Stiff Person Syndrome, MCAS, Derkums, to still odd ball Morgellons and pseudo-helminthic psychiatric condition. You may be thinking, Dr Semelka, can you describe all these conditions and spell out the abbreviations.... but it doesn't matter what they are.

These are a cluster of entities that likely all seem to reflect/ are expressions of some form of immune dysregulation and/or nervous system dysregulation. But shouldn't they have a root cause? Using GDD as the example, yes probably they do. There is likely a toxin that is the root cause that has somehow caused an aberration of the immune system and its relation to the nervous system.

I currently consider somatoform really just another way of saying: there is something wrong, but we don't know what it is, so for the time being the person will carry the diagnosis of being a kook.

Probably one umbrella term that would encompass most/all of these entities, which may also be under the larger umbrella of immune mediated inflammatory diseases, is multisource excess oxidative stress syndrome.

I suspect a number of these conditions in the modern age are some variant expression of GDD, which would be a good thing because GDD is treatable.... but not all of them, and probably not most of them. Many of them may be a reflection of other metals, like lead, which is even more ubiquitous than Gd, or less common metals like Cadmium or Chromium, or obvious offending chemicals like PFAs and glysophate. Maybe also other sources, that seem nutty, are the root cause of some, like various wavelengths and amplitudes of radiofrequency energy.

The explanation may be simple, and also explain why all of these conditions are modern in origin (but one has to consider, that we are also now more aware to recognize abnormalities). It may simply be that over 1 million years of development, humanoids and humans bodily systems never had to deal with these forms of antigens/ toxins in large quantities (Gd, lead, mercury, chromium), PFAs, glysophates, other modern chemicals, energy of certain wave lengths). Many in the population have immune systems that can compensate for this by their T and other immune cells, releasing the right combination of immune reaction suppressing cytokines in greater amounts than immune system activating cytokines. But some individuals systems do the opposite. Understanding what normal individuals do (*also with GBCAs - what GSC individuals immune systems do) may be at least as important or more important, as we move forward into a progressively more toxic world, where are bodies have to deal with an increasing number of antigens that were never seen before. Right now I would estimate that we currently expect our immune systems to corale 5-10 viruses (*including Herpes, Varicella, probably CMV, EB, now Corona) a number of parasites eg:(Lyme) a number of chemicals (PFAs, glysophate, VOCs) a number of metals (lead, mercury, Gd). How many more toxins can our immune systems handle until the number of individuals with these type of conditions go above 10%, where we are now, to 50%.. 80%.... 100%. And everything tumbles down like a house of cards. The dam finally breaks: one hell calls forth another.

I am not an end-of-times prognosticator. I like finding solutions.

What we have done with GDD applies to many things:

  1. Identify the problem

  2. Primary treatment is to avoid it

  3. Secondary treatment smart removal. I have thought for some years that the concept of a chelator for metals could also be applied to other entities. This category of agents could be termed raptors. Molecules designed to enter the body, grab the offending rascal and remove it. Why not raptors for other chemicals, that for instance get deposited in fat, or infective organisms or cancers?

  4. Long term care and prophylaxis. An oral chelator the daily multivitamin of the future?

For decades it has been recognized in immune development that if young children are exposed to new antigens they develop IgG antibodies, which are simple destruction facilitating antibodies. Whereas new exposure in adults tend to result in IgE antibodies which are allergy inducing (self-destructive) antibodies. May be in the future, in addition to appropriate vaccines (maybe spaced appropriately as well) young children will need to be exposed in a controlled fashion to a bundle of 'new antigens' which is essentially the concept of vaccination. So they don't develop in adults deposition disease states.

What we currently have done badly, so I do not want this to escalate to even worse in the future is: we need to specifically study individuals who have reacted badly to vaccines, and identify what immune / cytokine pathways their systems have followed. We identify the individuals who have the genetic propensity to react adversely to vaccines to: i) have 'smart' avoidance of certain vaccines in certain individuals, and ii) examine modifying vaccines and/or immune function in these individuals. One could term this 'smart vaxers'. Ignoring vaccine reactions creates the breeding ground for irrational anti-vaxers.

Pay attention to intolerance to various food substances, and avoid them. Avoid eating foods that clearly contain too many chemicals.

Summary and what to do now.

To return to the top of the blog. I suspect many of these odd ball conditions have as their root cause a toxin. These toxins are not necessarily poisons in the conventional sense of the word, but are antigens, or energy sources, that a particular individual cannot tolerate.

As much as possible, start out in moderation with change and do not be too extreme or focused on purity. This can drive you crazy by being too obsessive, and can therefore be as cytokine-inducing dangerous as many of the toxins..... Calm down.

Learn from the Gd story. Maybe this also includes. You are your own doctor and your own advocate. To this day, most of the individuals with the diagnoses of GDD I have seen, have made the diagnosis of GDD by themselves, not only with indifference/ lack of help from physicians, but in fact with obstruction and sometimes violent opposition.; This obstruction has to stop, and some stories I have heard are shameful and inexcusable, and yes in my mind should have a reckoning.

Pay close attention to your body: if something is making you sick, even if it is supposed to be good for you, don't take it or don't do it. A good example for me is sauna, or getting another GBCA injection.

Eat healthy, moderate exercise, fresh air, reduce your stress burden. Some socialization, which may mean get a dog or cat.

I may though be too naive in thinking of a bright future, perhaps the communities of individuals (who I understand) have isolated themselves in remote locations away from rf energy (and I presume are eating healthy), I believe some have retreated in West Virginia, may be the last vestiges / hold outs of humans, when another virus gets released from a lab in China or elsewhere which converts humans, into flesh-eating zombies, and communities of closely packed and mobile humans rapidly become infected. This may be the story-line of a good horror film - now I need to find a movie company to produce it.

Richard Semelka, MD


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