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Protein abnormalities in GDD. Also seen in COVID-19. March 2022.

Protein abnormalities are common in GDD, as they also are in COVID-19. There are a number of reasons of protein abnormalities, including excessive protein release. Two of the more important reasons are:

  1. Host releases protein to capture the invading entity. Think of Spiderman shooting out spiderwebs from his wrists to capture villains. One of the defense mechanisms the host uses is to engulf the invader in protein goo to minimize their toxic effect. Of course too much protein goo does clog up all the systems. Protein goo is a major cause for most dementias, such as Alzheimers. Massive overproduction of protein has the adverse outcome that protein created may be abnormal. Whether the end result of this is the creation of malignancy, specifically Multiple Myeloma, I am not sure at this point. It is also likely that Gd bound to protein may be the most immunogenic of the forms of Gd - meaning most likely to result in GDD.

2. Gd interferes with the creation of normal protein, and defective protein created. This probably most often occurs in the setting of Gd substituting for Ca in multiple physiological reactions. Defective protein is likely partly responsible for many of the toxicities/symptoms of GDD.... and probably of COVID-19 as well. An important characteristic of protein and enzymes is the correct folding of proteins for them to be effective. Clearly Gd inserted in proteins will effect this folding. As with many things when ineffective products are created the mechinery continues to make proteins- hence massive overproduction.

Richard Semelka, MD


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