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T Cell Dysregulation/ self-destructive conditions: One thing leads to another. Brief revisit

Auto-immune conditions predispose to GDD.. what I have written in an earlier blog: having one Tcell dysregulation is a set up for developing other Tcell dysregulations. So Lupus predisposes to GDD, and GDD predisposes to Lupus. Probably as well the protein reaction can appear as something like Lupus, with only being a protein reaction secondary to the development of GDD, so not true Lupus.

The more I research into this, the more I realize how incredibly complex the entire network is... which leads me to my approach. When things are extremely complex, follow the simplest approach.

If Gd in GDD can cause 100 different injuries, Gd is making you sick, so the treatment is get the Gd out. If you have actual clinical disease Lupus then that should also be treated. Some things obviously need to be addressed regardless: if you have cancer, treat the cancer, if you have type 1 diabetes take insulin, if your BP is out of control you need to take BP meds (atleast temporarily - it often occurs that removing the Gd will eventually bring down the BP). But I start with the assumption that everything is GDD for atleast the first 5 and often first 10 chelations. If things are left behind then look at treating them once you have made a good effort to get the Gd out.


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