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Worst Medical Misconduct. Doctor Operated Drunk from 1988-2008 at UNC Chapel Hill.

To patients seen in Interventional Radiology at UNC Chapel Hill from 1988-2008, there is a 30% chance you were operated on by a drunk doctor, and if you were in that group, a 10% chance of being permanently injured or experienced an early demise secondary to this. You should demand to know if the drunk doctor operated on you, and you should demand that the administration parties involved be held responsible for their actions. The doctor was drunk, and his supervisors were aware of that.

6 years ago I had specifically requested administration at UNC Chapel Hill to make public announcement in local media so that victims could receive compensation for injuries. This would have shown ethical responsibility and compassion for victims. This has not been done. While In the mean-time, extensive public announcement has been made, in the same state of North Carolina, to make victims of toxic water from 1954- 1986 at Camp Lejeune that they were entitled to receive financial compensation for the injuries they sustained. The Camp Lejeune victims would have been unaware that they were victims, and this is the same for the UNC victims, who also would have been unaware that the doctor operating on them was drunk. This doctor operating drunk for 2 decades on life-and-death procedures alone makes this the worst medical misconduct in modern US history. But this is made vastly worse because both administrators contemporaneously were aware of tis and ignored/ covered it up, and worse still UNC administration to the highest levels were made aware of this presently, and they not only have opted to cover it up, but also have unethically and corruptly punished the one physician with the integrity and courage to speak up about it., That is me, Richard Semelka, MD.

I will describe their unethical conduct in serial future blogs.

I cannot continue to alone fight for these victims, I am fighting an entire system and their judicial alumni.

If you think this does not effect you, so it doesn't matter, you would be wrong. If unethical physician misconduct and administration cover-up is not challenged and defeated in one state, it will continue in all other states. If the miscreants are successful here, similar minded individuals in other states will be empowered to continue on with the same elsewhere. There will be more Nassars (MI), more Tyndalls (CA), more Heaps (CA), more Haddens (NY), more Levys (AK), more Strausses (OH), and more Archibalds (NY), in addition to the probably more than 100 similar physician miscreants. Why were there no whistleblowers in any of these cases? It is because all the 20-100 individuals who would have been aware of the ongoings in each of these institutions, intuitively knew that they would be fired and their integrity and work smeared. It seems I alone have been prepared to stare the monster in the mouth and say 'no more', and suffer the consequences for the sin of protecting the public- you.

I need to appear on national news to bring this to light. There may also be Duke trained attorneys/ judges/ business people who may be keen to help - no decent person in North Carolina would want this type of conduct to carry on. For all the people I have helped over the years, I need your help now.

Richard Semelka, MD


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