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Incremental additions to GDD treatment

The foundation for treatment of GDD is two components:

1) removing the Gd

2) controlling the host response.

The most reliable will be with true medications; for removal: iv DTPA (or in the future other ligands/chelators, especially oral); for control of host response: extended hypersensitivity protocol, autoimmune drugs. We are not there yet with the ideal treatment, but we are on the right path. I do not discount essentially any other strategy: but alternative therapy (I prefer the concept of describing as additional therapy) should be affordable, effective (based on some form of scientific study/paper and not purely anecdotal experience of a practitioner) and safe.

The perfect example of this is alkaline water. Within this same rubric are: multivitamins with antioxidants and minerals; glutathione tablets; sauna; and possibly a whole host of others (that I am also looking at) such as hyperbaric oxygen. Exercise such as Tai Chi and yoga is always extremely important as maintaining mobility is absolutely crucial. Placebo is a components of everything, and I am very fond of that.

As I see it, all of these other products/ treatments may add incremental value, even if not curative on their own. If these add 5 % each of benefit towards recovery, even if just 1 %, that may be sufficiently important to add-on to a regimen.

This must all be done thoughtfully so there is no products acting at cross purposes with other treatments.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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