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Attention Fibromyalgia patients

A number of patients who contact me who have had prior GBCA administration, carry a diagnosis of fibromyalgia that someone gave to them before. Almost certainly none of them have fibromyalgia, they all simply have GDD.

If you have fibromyalgia, and had previously received GBCA injection, then you should be investigated for GDD. GDD can be treated, fibromyalgia just managed.

The only way to get investigated for GDD if you have fibromyalgia (or other odd diagnoses) that someone somewhere gave you, and yet the symptoms (as you think back now) arose shortly after a GBCA injection is to get:

provocative Ca-DTPA chelation. Note not any other chelator, as the currently available ones are not strong enough chelators to generate the essential information.

24 hr urine Gd pre- and post-chelation is useful, supportive information. Critical is the observation of the correct type of Flare, established by an expert.

100% of people with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and who received a GBCA in the past (and they think there was some temporal association between GBCA injection and some time within a month or two developed the 'sickness') should undergo provocative Ca-DTPA chelation.

Why? GDD is treatable, fibromyalgia either true or pseudofibromyalgia (GDD) is only managed, and often not so well.

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