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Celine Dion has Stiff Person Syndrome. That is the End Result - What is the Root Cause? Is it GDD?

As all readers of medical literature... which GDD sufferers are among the mix.... realize: there sure are a lot of new diseases these days- why is that? Part of that is simply describing with more overall scientific investigation a greater number of extremely rare disease that maybe 1 in 1 million people have, but for new disease that are relatively common, the most likely explanation is that they are due to environmental pollutants or iatrogenic (health care caused) exposures.

Although Stiff Person Syndrome by its name conjures up the image of the Tin Man in the wizard of Oz or some total body Priapism... but it isn't funny.. it is general stiffness of the entire body that is painful.

Guess what, the iatrogenic disease Gadolinium Deposition Disease causes in many sufferers the end result of Stiff Person Disease. Painful global stiffness. If you live in China, what is a common cause of painful global total body stiffness: Cadmium Toxicity.

One of the unfortunate aspects of the lack of knowledge of the formal medical community (especially MDs who have not read any medical literature for 10 years, or those in a Denial Personality Disorder (DPD) state) is that many people end up with a weird diagnosis that has no treatment, and end up suffering their entire lives, with the added tragedy of being put on medications that may relieve some of the symptoms butt do not treat the root cause, and carry with them their own nasty risk of side effects and dependency and death).

If Celine is fortunate, one of her support team, or one of her doctors, will read this blog and ask themselves- maybe Celine has Gadolinium Deposition DIsease as the cause for the Tin-Man-from- the-Wizard-of-Oz Syndrome? I will contact Dr Semelka and find out about diagnosis and treatment.

Bottom line: modern weird and awful diseases, there is a high likelihood it is toxicity to environmental pollutants or some kind of medical toxicity.

Richard Semelka, MD


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