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Gadolinium Toxicity 2024 re-evaluation. Time for another FDA sponsored meeting.

I frequently harken back, on the famous FDA meeting, I think in 2017, which I attended and presented at. A couple of problems for GDD recognition at this time. There were few patients who presented to the assembled committee of physician experts, who were from various medical disciplines, and were assembled to rule on the existence of Gadolinium toxicity in individuals with normal renal function (GDD). They listened on, and then were to make a decision on whether the whole Gad toxicity was real. One unfortunate (I don't recall if the person was a male or female at this time) was desperately sick and complained of symptoms everywhere, and also presented somewhat incoherently. Others described other symptoms. The end result is the Committee were incredulous that this could be a real single disease; especially reflecting on the most striking presenter, this poor unfortunate person, had a whole bunch of bad health things going on. At the time ofcourse, the experts should have considered that with systemic disease, many different organ systems can be effected and to varying disease. This is true of many auto- immune diseases, example Lupus; and also the most important death-dealing disease in the modern western world: atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries) which can have as the dominant effect: stroke or heart attack or kidney failure or painful legs when walking or men not able to get an erection. So right there, the commonest severe disease of all can present as many different ways..... and now COVID has come along, and we all see, not just the experts, that a single disease, a respiratory viral illness, can end up with a multitude of illnesses of a multitude of organ systems. So I think this case is rested.

So one single disease can manifest in numerous different ways. This is how it is with GDD (and COVID, and Covid vaccine injury).

It is time for another FDA meeting on the subject. This time, I will recommend a number of physicians and other professionals, attorneys for example, who have GDD, who should present, as they can describe lucidly and credibly on their condition. It is now long overdue that all physicians are aware that anyone can develop a chronic toxicity to Gadolinium.

Richard Semelka, MD


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