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Heavy Metal Toxicity. What should be healthy is no longer. The trouble with organic kale.

Who would have that possible: organic kale may

actually be bad for you. It turns out because kale accumulates sulfur, as part of its beneficial effect, it can in the modern age of pollution, also accumulate Thallium and Cesium.. which can be very bad.

So organic kale can be bad for you? Yes, it depends where it is produced. It turns out areas with lots of air pollution from cars, and perhaps that use fracking water for plant hydration.. both these entities contain Thallium and Cesium, which kale can accumulate. Other sulfurous plants (cabbage, brussel sprouts) can also accumulate these metals. Green leafy plants like lettuce can also do this, but less so,. Green powder leaf supplements... Thallium and Cesium.

This happened also to salmon, the intrinsically healthiest of the fish, because of omega 3 fatty acids and heart health; but due to mercury contamination and salmon accumulating mercury - the healthiest of the fish may also be toxic. We have known this for at least 20 years.

So what next of the healthy food items will be found to be toxic in the modern age?

This really speaks of the importance of the EPA to test for heavy metals in food substances, and food sourced from different regions.

An oral high stability constant chelation pill may become the only essential pill we take in the future to ensure good health.

Richard Semelka, MD


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