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How Many Spinning Plates on Sticks Can Our Immune System Keep Spinning? Affects GDD and Everything.

Our immune system is in a constant state of barrage that it has to manage. It very much like a juggler juggling balls (or chain saws), but recently I have thought of the analogy to the juggling variant, of keeping a number of plates on the top of sticks, and constantly going back and spinning them all to keep the plates aloft. How many plates on sticks can our immune system keep spinning before things start collapsing and the plates drop.

This analogy works well fo many afflicted with GDD and all other invading entities, and most everything else as well.

We already know that everyone in our current age are spinning the plates of microplastics, PFAs, and glyphosates as baseline. Then essentially everyone have some combination of viral permanent residents: Herpes, Ebstein Barr, Varicella.... and probably 5 or so more, maybe now Corona is a permanent resident, so maybe 8 or so virus spinning plates. Then a number of sufferers have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome, so we would have to give that at least 5 spinning plates. A number with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, maybe we assign that 3 plates. Lyme, many have it, another plate. Autoimmune disease, many have it, another plate. Then the immune system has to deal with precancerous cells, that has to be atleast 5 plates. Infections in general, another five plates.

So baseline, probably in the majority of us, we have 30 spinning plates, that the immune system has to keep spinning so they all don't collapse.

Then along comes GBCA, when we are already spinning 30 plates.. Remarkably, the great majority of us can also spin the GBCA plate as well. But about 1 in 10,000 cannot add that into the group, and things start coming apart, plates start dropping. It becomes the straw that broke the camel's back (an analogy I have used before).

I have described this in multiple prior blogs and will return to again very shortly. With the complexity of what Gd can cause in the body, the simplest and most obvious solution, remove as much of the Gd as is reasonably achievable, so your immune system does not have to keep trying to spin that plate as well.

To generalize it, maybe that is why so many of us are fat, and so many of us chronically sick, even without GBCA, our immune system is spinning too many plates in the modern age for our immune system to manage and not start dropping plates.. and all of the plates.

Richard Semelka, MD


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