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Here is another category of proteins to worry about with GDD. These are enzymes (proteins causing biochemical reactions) that require a metal to be part of their structure and hence function. Zn is commonly the metal involved in their structure. There are 40 different categories of metalloproteases and atleast 40 types. So obviously we have to think of Gd- Zn substitution as a malfunction that Gd can cause in the body.

From a treatment perspective one has to keep Zn in mind when chelating. If only using Ca-DTPA then make sure the patient is receiving Zn supplementation. I recommend no Zn 3 days before to 3 days after chelation in order not to have the Zn you consume be taken up by the chelator rather than Gd. If you are receiving Zn-DTPA, as for example in the Ca-/ZnDTPA protocol we generally use, then you do not need to supplement Zn - infact if you are receiving Zn-DTPA either along with Ca-DTPA, or alone, you absolutely should not be taking Zn supplementation - certainly no Zn alone supplementation. Zn is difficult to avoid as part of a multi-element supplementation, but this is generally fine in that lesser amount in a multivitamin.

Uncommonly some patients have described more issues following Zn-DTPA compared to Ca-DTPA, and this appears to be independent of the standard ordering (Zn on day 2, one could expect hangover effects from Ca-DTPA day 1). It is possible that the added Zn from Zn-DTPA in a few GDD sufferers has an adverse effect on these metalloproteases.

Here are now 40 more compounds (the metalloproteases) that we have to worry about with GBCAs. Re-read my blog on Reframing the Discussion with Gd. How is it that so few people are sick from GBCA .... intrinsic host self-protection functioning - we have to learn more about these, as these may save us from everything: including cancer and infection.

Richard Semelka, MD


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