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Zeolite. GDD sufferers should not take it.

In many of my blogs and postings I emphasize the point about wisdom-sense. One of the critical elements of wisdom-sense is to know when you are wrong and correct it. Unfortunately most people justify their actions by doubling down on things which are considered correct but are false.

My own personal example of showing wisdom-sense, and recognizing when you are wrong: I was the leading author on the value of using GBCAs and GBCAs were very safe, probably till 2017, and I observed that GBCA can be dangerous, first in patients with renal failure (which others observed before me, but I believed them) and then subsequently everyone (Gadolinium Deposition Disease, others, notably a number of sufferers who are leaders in Gd toxicity online groups) but I was the first physician to get this recognition in the medical literature. I like to consider it that I have the wisdom-sense to recognize the truth, shortly after it has become manifest to me. Once the Colossus of GBCA usage, now the Immanuel Kant of usage, you can't always use Gd.

I did not have to see it too much to know that Kale should not be eaten (because it concentrates Thallium and Cesium) instead the best option is broccoli for that class of vegetable.

I recommended recently taking Zeolite as a GI binder, because it is a staple in the health expert community discussions. It may be helpful for other heavy metals. The issue is as a natural volcanic material it contains elements that are composed in the earth's crust, which includes Gd.. Recently, one of my current patients informed me he had zeolite tested in a lab and it showed the presence of Gd. A recent blog I wrote was on testing for heavy metals, in which I made a side note of Zeolite contains Gd. This is now the subject of this blog, so there is no confusion or possibility of misinterpretation..

So in a dark humor way, as I reflect on patients in the past telling me zeolite has removed Gd in their body because Gd showed up in their stool following taking zeolite... it turns out that the Gd that was detected was Gd that was in zeolite not in their body.

Traditionally I have also said that the absorption of Gd from the GI tract is probably negligible - using this in reference to the increasing amount of Gd in the water supply, especially in urban centers due to the Gd introduced by GBCAs from MR studies. The basis was estimates made of neonatal consumption of Gf from mother's milk. At the same time I have said, although it is my current opinion, and as more data comes out I will change my opinion based on the facts available. Even though at this point, I am skeptical of that view, because historically lead toxicity in children was largely from children ingesting lead paint from the walls. Lead is similar to Gd, and was acquired through ingestion. Presently everyone has lead in their body, which is largely from maternal placental transfusion and air pollution, so heavy metals do get into your body by methods other than iv administration.

In summary, I am uncertain how much Gd gets into the body from ingestion, but comparables suggest that it does occur. So at this point my recommendation is:

For GDD sufferers: Do not take Zeolite.

I prefer natural forms of GI binders: pectin containing fruits: peaches, nectarines, apricots; and apples also contain a fair amount of pectin; and other food substances like celery juice.

Richard Semelka, MD


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Margaret Millar
Margaret Millar
4 days ago

I believe transdermal and inhalation is variable in individuals, but is a huge source for me. Aluminum in air also, and auto lead and manganese. It gets in without ingestion or injection in some of recent silver and copper levels skied way high after wearing silver and copper infused arthritis gloves and socks for several months.....

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