Disease Modifying AntiRheumatic Drugs: DMARDs

November 13, 2018

Sufferers from GDD should familiarize themselves with this term: Disease Modifying AntiRheumatic Drugs (DMARDs), and the drugs that are members of this heterogenous group. If chelation and chelation with mild autoimmune disease therapy does not work, they may require one, or a combination of these agents (excerpted from Wikipedia):


At this early juncture, it appears from preliminary work that TNF-alpha and IL-6 may be integral in the mediation of  GDD.


I am in the process to see if any sufferer has been placed on these drugs, probably for a concurrent auto-immune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis. So I do not know which agent or combination of agents works effectively. If you are on any of these, please contact me describing your clinical status after them. You can reach me through my website: www.richardsemelka.com/contact

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