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Affordable at Home Treatments for GDD: Sauna/Steam Bath, Drinking Alkaline Water

As I get to the point that I believe that an at-home is worth using for GDD, that appear to have a good basis in science, I will post them as a blog.

Today I will discuss saunas. The skin and skin substrate is one of the two major repositories for Gd in the body (bone being the other one). It is most likely that one of the processes that occur in the skin is that Gd substitutes for sodium (Na) and is eliminated in sweat. Hence sweating is a good natural approach to remove Gd.

The balance that has to be achieved though is to not develop metabolic acidosis, while sweating out Gd. That is why, early after GBCA administration, and early stage GDD, not to do vigorous exercise, as vigorous exercise will cause metabolic acidosis, and this will greatly outweigh the benefit of sweating. Hydration is an important method to reduce metabolic acidosis.

So the best strategy is sauna/steam bath that increases sweating. Prior to that it is critical to hydrate, and the best fluid is alkaline water (to further counteract metabolic acidosis). Following sauna then showering to remove Gd on the skin surface that has been sweated out, and repeat alkaline water.

As with everything else, everything in moderation. Start with shorter saunas and work up in time duration. Probably 2 large glasses of alkaline water before, and 1 large glass after. Drink to the point that thirst is completely relieved, and do not drink too much to feel sick.

An interesting historic, adaptive consideration about saunas. Nordic people and Slavic peoples (such as Russians) have incorporated saunas as part of their lifestyle. I am not sure for how long this has gone on. Hundreds of years, perhaps thousands - the history would be interesting to explore. This may have originally been settled upon over a period of centuries as a reproducible observation that individuals who took saunas were less sick. Gd was not an issue until 20 years ago, so historically sauna sweating may have increased elimination of other metals (or other toxins) that they were exposed to, including iron in those who were heterozygous for heavy metal diseases such as Genetic Hemochromatosis.

The last point is just a musing about possible observation of sauna benefits historically. The main point: saunas are inexpensive, do not cause harm (in moderation), and have good scientific basis for positive natural benefit to remove Gd from the body. Sweating is the critical aspect, saunas that just involve heating and minimize sweating likely will have a deleterious effect as it will increase metabolic acidosis.

Sauna/sweating/alkaline water.

Stay tuned on the latest advancements:

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