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Gadolinium Deposition Disease: Revised Symptom Description May 2019

Gadolinium Deposition Disease

An expansion of described symptoms for GDD. Symptoms are categorized as "A Symptoms" which are symptoms distinctive for GDD (also other heavy metal toxicities), and "B Symptoms" which are symptoms that are commonly observed but may also be seen in a variety of other conditions.

Timeline. For the present time the time of onset of disease following GBCA injection remains as onset between immediate post-injection to up to 1 month post-injection. A crucial aspect of diagnosis GDD is that distinctive symptoms arise shortly after contrast injection. If disease starts immediately after injection it is impossible to think that any other condition may be occurring.

New Symptoms. At present the symptoms experienced must be new to the individual. Although symptoms can have occurred at an early GBCA injection, but it must have originated as new after a GBCA injection.

A Symptoms

1. Brain fog.

2. Head pain.

3. Eye symptoms. Dry eyes/ blurred vision.

4. Muscle fasciculations.

5. Pins and needles. Typically lower arms and lower legs (glove and sock) but can be anywhere. Skin crawling sensation may be due to the same process.

6. Boring bone and/or bone and joint pain.

7. Burning skin pain.

8. Glove and sock skin findings. Skin discoloration, skin thickening/doughiness, burning pain, pins and needles.

9. Prolonged sensation of metal. Taste, olfactory sensation, and/or overall body smell.

B Symptoms

1. Cardiac arrhythmia.

2. Gastro-intestinal symptoms. Nausea and vomiting, intestinal stasis, diarrhea.

3. Tinnitus. Ear ringing.

4. Loss of balance/ataxia.

5. Depression.

6. Hair loss/ teeth loss.


1. The individual should experience more than 1 of these symptoms, and most will experience more than 3.

2. The symptom that combines being common, distinctive, and clearly unmistakeable is burning skin pain.

3. If an individual experiences a constellation of these symptoms they should not receive another GBCA again.

4. GDD virtually always becomes progressively worse with each additional GBCA injection.

5. Individuals should not chase treatment for individual symptoms prior to dealing with the disease itself in toto. Usually this means chelation, and usually in combination with approaches to mitigate the auto-immune-like nature of the disease, and the Flare reaction.

6. A disease is defined as a morbid condition with defined symptoms. Gadolinium Deposition Disease is hence a disease.

7. The definition of GDD at present does not readily account for co-existent disease such as Multiple Sclerosis or chronic infections such as Lyme disease. Observation of the development of a Flare reaction of certain symptoms following chelation therapy is consistent with GDD being part of the individual's health issues.

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Richard Semelka, MD. Consulting

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