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GDD, Other Toxins: Analogy washing stains from clothing

Removing Gd (and other toxins) from the body is quite analogous to washing stains out of clothing. Simple stains, often with wearing and repeated washing the stain largely comes out and may be just faintly apparent. This is quite analogous to one time exposure to GBCA with a mild form of GDD... over the course of 1-2 years, with drinking of fluids and progressive elimination from urine, and sweating and progressive elimination through sweat, eventually enough Gd is removed that your immune system largely ignores what is left, and there is often just a mild impression of the stain that was there initially. A greater number of GBCA exposures and / or greater immune reaction to Gd then as with clothing and a stain, simple washing is not sufficient to remove much of the stain, even over time. A detergent is necessary. Detergents act by destroying the chemical (similar concept to detoxification) or bonding with the color molecules and removing them in the wash (similar concept to chelation). The better the bonding of the detergent with the color molecules, the better the removal (similar concept to the importance of the stability constant of the chelator with Gd). The better the bonding, the better the removal.

So removal of stains from clothing can be employed as a useful and relatable concept to the removal of Gd or other toxins from the body. I will expand on this in future blogs.


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