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Standard Protocol for DTPA Administration

Agent is provided as 5 vials of Ca-DTPA and 5 of Zn-DTPA. This would the agent needed for 5 chelation sessions, which is appropriate to start for essentially all subjects. Hopefully for most, enough for sufficient treatment as well. Chelation is a 2 day process. Ca-DTPA the first day and Zn- DTPA the second. The injections are 2.5 ml of Ca-DTPA early after iv started and 2.5 ml Ca-DTPA towards the end of the iv fluid injection on day 1, and the same repeated with Zn-DTPA on day 2. It is a slow 1 minute push. I have described the thinking of the iv push, the push emulates how the GBCA was administered in the first place - the concept is it should follow the path of where then the GBCA went i

Gentle Chelation and Affordable Host Response Modulation: LDN

What is an ideal gentle initial chelation treatment to minimize Flare reactions. I think the gentlest yet effective approach (I think in comparison EDTA is gentle but relatively ineffective) is to start with just Zn-DTPA, and the gentlest administration is 5 ml ampule injected into a 1 liter bag of normal saline and the liter administered over 2 hours. It may well be, although not shown scientifically that EDTA may result in a lesser Flare reaction to the standard Ca-DTPA/Zn-DTPA protocol. My suspicion is that this is because much less Gd is mobilized with EDTA out of the body through the blood stream, but unfortunately what this means with EDTA is that Gd may be picked up in the tissues but

Gadolinium Deposition Disease Incidence and Comprehensive Treatment

Below is my current thinking on GDD incidence and a comprehensive treatment: 1. probably many cases of GDD-type symptoms spontaneously resolve (to a great extent). I suspect that maybe 20% of all individuals who undergo GBCA injection, have prominent symptoms but they resolve in 24 hours, and these individuals blend in with the group of GSC subjects. 2. Maybe 1 % have bonafide GDD but largely resolve at 1 month. 3. Maybe 0.1 % have bonafide GDD but largely resolve by 3 months. 4. Probably 0.05% have bonafide GDD but resolve to a large extent by 6 months. 5. Probably 0.01% have GDD but over the years moderately severe symptoms diminish moderately and they can live with it. 6. Probably 0.005%

The Original Sin: A Brief History of Abuse of Power

The recent allegations of the misconducts by Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania are so shocking that reflection on Abuse of Power is warranted. Accounts of rape of 9 yr-old girl in a hospital bed, forcing performance of felatio by a 9 yr old boy and rinsing his mouth with holy water afterwards - the horrific nature of these atrocities would even shock Adolf Hitler. How can such evil exist, especially when cloaked in the garments of supposed spiritual leaders? This requires a brief look at the history of humankind and of the original sin: abuse of power. A recognizable distinct species of animals, homo sapiens (humankind) arose approximately 200,000 years ago. It was probably around 30,0

Gadolinium Species

Gadolinium species or speciation refers to the molecular structure Gadolinium is in. Gadolinium administered as a chelate (GBCA) to an individual remains either in its chelated form (intact chelate) or dechelated or disassociated form. Gadolinium is essentially never 'free', because if Gd dechelates from the GBCA, it extremely rapidly recombines with other molecules. The most common other species that Gd appears as in the body are as a salt combined with carbonates, phosphates, or similar molecules, or attached to a proteinaceous macromolecule. With macrocyclic GBCAs, the majority, near entirety, of the Gd will be in its chelated form as the injected GBCA. Linear agents, depending on their

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